Pro Bowl 2010

Hi all,

Do you know who is going to broadcast Pro Bowl 2010 this 31 January in English in Canada? I checked TSN, TSN2, Sportsnet, Score schedules and none of them is going to. The only one I found was on RDS. Even though I speak French I really prefer to watch the show in its original version.

The Pro Bowl is horrible. Football due to it's nature as a very contact sport and such just loses it's appeal for an all-star game IMHO, which is a compliment to the game actually. What they should do is invite the all-stars to Hawaii and have a skills competition or something like that instead.

I don't understand why they're having it before the Super Bowl this year. I tell ya, none of the Colts players better play. If one of them gets injured before the SB, I'm not gonna be happy!

well, they sure dont want to compete with opening day of the olympics.

I would expect both SB teams to keep their players home, with the leagues blessing.

Forgot about the Olympics. I guess that makes sense. I still hope the SB teams pull their players. It may suck, but the SB is more important.

So, no one? Nothing? ESPN does not broadcast in Canada so I guess I have to settle with RDS.

They do not have to compete with the Olympics. They could have had the Super Bowl just one week after the Conference Finals, just like Grey Cup is. Then the Pro Bowl one week after. Basically, just swap current Super and Pro Bowls dates.

That would've made more sense. And it would've spared us the typical two weeks of nonsense.

I would expect TSN to have it.

Moving the SB vs moving the PB. No brainer. Its tradition for them to have two weeks before the SB. The pro bowl is nowhere near as important and having players not be there because of SB is a small thing vs having SB players not rested and healed enough.

It may be tradition, but it's annoying as hell. I hate the two weeks. It's too long of a break. Not to mention by the second week, the coverage is beyond ridiculous. Journalists and analysts have nothing left to discuss, so they start bringing up the most retarded crap just to fill time.

I never watch the Pro Bowl anyway... too boring.

something like our all olympics all the time news here in the lower mainland.

No players from the SB teams will be in the pro bowl. I don't think it's even an option.

Nope. Zip. Nada.

TSN will have Curling Tournament of Hearts, TSN2 Winter X-Games, Sportsnet CHL Hockey (Ottawa at Oshawa) and The Score NBA Basketball (Indiana at Toronto).

Guess I will watch the Pro Bowl in French after all...

Doesn't NBC show it? I don't know about you, but for me, NBC is channel 28. And what about the NFL Network?

Nope. NBC will have Dateline and SNL Sports Extra. We have NFL Network in Canada? Not pay-per-view, I mean. If we do, it certainly is not in Videotron's line up.

cant talk for the rest of the country, but I expect that one of our local stations will pick it up. Either ctv or global, as they regularly show NFL on sunday.

I myself have not watched it since Flutie was in it.

I've never even heard of videotron, so I couldn't say. I just know the NFL Network is part of my current Rogers package. It's channel 77.

If all else fails, you could try to find a stream on justintv.

The Olympics has nothing to do with the switch.

The contract with Hawaii was up after last year and the NFL wanted to try a new format.

They felt that it'd be better to have a big celebration in the week between the Conference championships leading into the Super Bowl and they figure it'll get more people to watch the Super Bowl.

However, by not having it in Hawaii, I think it diminishes the appeal to the NFL players and also the fact that A LOT of the highest voted players won't be eligible to play in the game also diminishes the appeal of it. Tom Brady and Big Ben voluntarily dropped it. That's not something you usually saw in the past....

I hope it doesn't kill the game completely.

From what I've seen so far, the fans don't like it. With the Colts in the SB, Peyton, Wayne, Clark, Freeney, and Mathis are all out. :lol:

I saw on ESPN this morning, a player said that the Pro Bowl format is going back to Hawaii after the Super Bowl next year because all the players hate it this year.

I never heard anything official but there is hope... :thup: