Pro basketball back in Hamilton

Article by Scott Radley in the Spec today. I'm not a huge basketball fan, I'd rather have an arena football team in town, even the division 2 league to be quite honest. But I suppose basketball has more young kids who are fans these days.

sorry i don't buy the spec. What type of basketball are we talking about?

Here's the link to the article secret. American Basketball Ass'n.

funded by ron foxcroft, I wont go!

Guess there’s a (edit: rhymes with Tucker…f’n censorship) born every minute.
Here’s a couple hints for the prospective new owners:

People don’t like basketball. Check the Raptor television ratings.

People really don’t like minor league basketball. Check common sense for that.

I can’t figure out how anyone could pull together a business plan that could possibly make this seem like a viable venture. Boggles the mind really.

If we struggle to pull 5,000 for minor league hockey, where does that leave basketball? A sport that, at best, is a distant third on the totem pole. Perhaps fourth if you look hard at Lacrosse.

My prediction…somehow they’ll con about 2,500 into going to each home game…then they’ll be on their way to uhhh, Utica, lets say.

not a huge fan based on basketball.
but i appreciate the reply and the link
thank you

Even someone who calls himself slodrive2
should have enough sense to read the article.

The article says most teams can break even
with just 1,000 fans a game, slodrive2.

so 2,500 a game would be a rousing success.

The business plan that could possibly
make this seem like a viable venture
is also included in the article.

Boggles the mind really. :oops: :smiley:

No, I did read that part. Just didn't believe a word of it.

$1,000 at $10 a ticket nets you...uhhhh, crack out the abacus,,,,10 thou a game. And, I'm just not seeing that big U.S TV deal coming to put a surge into revenue.

Unless they pay the players in actual peanuts, ride their bikes to road games, and play out of a highschool gym, or playground, that's not gonna break even anywhere.

C'mon, Junior A and B hockey teams struggle to pay the bills when they're pulling those kind of crowds...and they don't have to pay the players (much).

here we go, it’s the skyhawk show…

if foxy doesn’t think it will work, that’s good enough for me. what will copps look like with 1,000 people in it? :roll:

Might be something I could take my kids to. They (I don't know if I can even type it I'm so ashamed...) hate football. Where did I go wrong?? :oops: :wink:

Nowhere. It's just a latent gene that needs time to develop, with your help of course. :smiley:

I'm sure you'll help out too. Just remember which side we're on. :smiley:

Oh I sure will! I'll have to make sure to get a TiCat helmet to match my Evil one. :wink:

Not surprised to see the mostly negative reaction here - basketball seems to have that effect here in hockeyland. Most basketball fans have just learned that there's no talking to some people, just like CFL fans have with certain NFL fans.

There are more basketball fans out there than most people want to know about, and they ain't all kids, but that probably won't keep a franchise like this viable for more than a year or two. The stigma of minor league is a killer in Hamilton, this most Sally Brown of Canadian cities. (it was Sally Brown, Charlie's sister, that always did the "how could Beethoven be any good if he's not on television" bit, right?)

I'll happily go to some games as long as it lasts, but then I've been known to buy tickets to, and enjoy the piss out of, all kinds of "marginal" entertainments: Raptors, Blue Jays, Bulldogs, Maurauders bball and football, Skyhawks, Ticats, etc.

what will copps look like with 1,000 people in it?
.... like most regular season Bulldog games !!!!!

LOL touche.

Copps Coliseum, isn't that the arena that the city so smartly knew would bring an NHL team? Seems I remember that logic explained in the newspapers a while ago. :lol:

Ok guys ...THIS IS A BAD IDEA !!! BAD!!!

The ABA is a useless league.

Our Rochester RazorSharks were in the league for 2 yrs.
The league had too many teams, thus too many problems. Teams wouldn't show up, teams would show up with only 5 teams, some teams played in high-school gyms, etc.
Regardless, we still won the championship in 2005.
The 2006 season was plagued with the same problems. Our team was on the way to another championship. Well first playoff game was against the team from Niagara I believe. They didn't show because of a snow storm. So the league wanted us to forfeit our home court advantage and go to Niagara to play. Of course we disagreed. So the league decided to cal an "emergency meeting" for other teams to "VOTE" on weather Rochester should forfeit. Of course they all voted yes because they knew they couldn't beat us.
So we said screw it and left the league, along with other teams to form a more stable league.

Hamilton should avoid the ABA like the plague. There are more horror stories about that league. The league has like 50+ teams


Hamilton to get expansion basketball team
Nov, 07 2007 - 12:00 PM

HAMILTON (AM900 CHML) - A news conference is being held at Copps Coliseum Thursday to announce a second major tenant for the arena.

Word is Hamilton will be granted an expansion team in the National Development Basketball League.

It's a feeder league for NBA teams.

The team will reportedly be run by HECFI and the Hamilton Bulldogs.

Yes, the D-league! That's a HUGE improvement from ABA! I wonder what Hamilton's team will be alifated with? The Raptors?

Basketball is a great sport...Look forward to seeing some games...