Prize ideas for the starter of the 30th anti-Maas thread bef

Another thread to deflect the venom, perhaps...

The complete title: "Prize ideas for the starter of the 30th anti-Maas thread before Saturday's game." :wink:

:D :D :D

Wild Kingdom* LOL :wink:


How about a halftime football throwing contest against Jason Maas himself?

Since it’s obvious that we all are much better quarterbacks, in terms of accuracy and distance, than he is.

  • paul

how about A night of Klingon Opera

Carrying legend into ceremony, the Klingon Kahless-Molor fights are celebrated annually in the operatic mock fights of the Kot'baval festival. (First Born)

Kot'baval Festival Annual celebration throughout the Klingon Empire, commemorating an historic incident in the life of Kahless. In the streets, one can see street vendors as well as operatic reenactments (complete with mock fights) of Kahless' final confrontation with the tyrant Molor.

Kak-lah... Kak-lah ...
Yoh boo la to dah...
Yoh boo la to da...
Ah... do ro may... do ro may... do ro may...
do ro MAY de lat so may...
Uh clop-doh... uh gah...
Uh clop-doh uh gah dor...
Uh clop-doh... uh gah... dor ray... dor ray... dor ray.

Nok'tar be'got hosh'ar te'not
("He is asking if anyone else will have the courage to stand up
to Molor")
Ki'rock Molor, ki'rock
(Worf answers, accepting the challenge)
Ba'jak tu'mo
O'tak tu'ro
Nok'til Kahless. Molor gik'tal
(Kahless sings)
Ni'lot Kahless

A weeks worth of attendance at TiCat practices, sitting in the south stands watching Charlie let his starting quarterback wither and fade.

Tongue FIRMLY in cheek here.

I think the best prize you could offer the 30th member of the Anti Maas Brigade is to sit him down on the bench. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great friend.
It's about time we had a little in the trailer-park. Believe it or not..I still have a pocket-fisherman ( still in the bag ) never used.
Made Ron Popeal millions of dollars...
So I'll vote for Ronnie's book.

Cheers :thup:

If you're trying to encourage anti-Maas posts, I'd say a good prize would be an autographed jersey worn by Timmy Chang.

If you're trying to discourage them, then the prize could be a copy if a tape of last week's game.

Hey OnKnight.... you have star trek pj's don't ya..........

A bound copy of all the previous anti-Danny Mac threads on this site.

No LOL..

But I wanted to add something Completely Ridiculous to the thread

I'll donate my bass-o-matic.

The Snickers bar idea is running away with this! LOL