Private messaging issues


Lately my private messaging features is having problems. When I send my friends a private message the message sits my the "outbox" folder, sometimes for a few days. On other occasions it goes out right away. I know this because I check my "sent" folder and sure enough the message has gone. I would not be surprised if I sent one of you a PM right now, that it would not go out but would stay in my outbox for a few days. It is very frustrating.

Are any of you having a similar problem? What was the solution? I've contacted Admin and they're looking into it. I'm wondering if this is related to some of the other technical problems with SQL etc.

From my own experience, I've found that PMs usually stay in your outbox until they're picked up by the intended recipient, at which point they're transferred to your sent items.

Hmmm... okay. That makes good sense.

jm02 ....are you still here at this moment. It's 1:53PM PST