Private meetings with Cohon???

"Montreal head coach Marc Trestman told reporters Cohon came and spoke to him about the issue but said that conversation would remain private."

anyone else think this is BS? Private meeting with the commish before the Grey Cup game? I think the other team should at least have access to such info, what were they talking about that is so private, Hmmmm? I'm sure if this happened in the NFL the opposing team would certainly have a problem with it.

Personally I think your reading too much into it. No need for tinfoil hats.

I agree with Deanjo that this is probably nothing, although professionalism dictates that the Commissioner shouldn't be having a private meeting with anyone from Sask/Mont just before the big game just because of the optics of it. If Montreal wins tomorrow because of a suspicious play/ref call, such an event will loom over the entire 2010 Cup like a giant ape!

Incidentally, regarding the hotel issue from this week, my Argos colleague at work (I work in Mississauga, there's a few of 'em there) had this to say: "Didn't anybody tell them about hotels in Edmonton?!" Can't speak to this myself as I've never been, but point taken!

This was my point exactly. :smiley:

There has to be some trust that has been earned with the individuals in question. What if for example that it was about some fines being possibly handed out to a couple of loudmouths after the GC is done and not having it become a distraction to the game at hand? I don't think every meeting that Cohon has should be on public record.