Printers has been humbled... and he's also been blackballed throughout the league.

He's young enough, and he's proven that he has talent. I for one would like to see him back in the league, either BC or Toronto would be a good fit. Unfortunately (for the Toronto scenario), the Argos' season will have to become a writeoff, before Joseph need not be considered or catered to, and I doubt if Rita is savvy enough to realize that (at least) auditioning Printers is a good idea, that might perhaps pay a long-term dividend. do you know he has been both humbled and blackballed?

Just curious.

Not that I know any differently, I just think that his actions have spoken loudly enough.

Printers' performance in BC shows that his attitude doesn't get in the way if he's winning on a good team.

Printers' performance in Hamilton shows that his attitude does get in the way if he's losing on a bad team.

So IMO, he'd be a bad fit in Winnipeg or Toronto. I don't know what's wrong in BC, but I don't think the problem is Pierce or Jackson. Wally can probably handle Printers, but does he want to go through that again? Probably not.

There is no way Printers will ever be a Lion as long as Wally is there . I wonder why Winnipeg didn’t grab him but chose Bishop instead, I think that says it all about Printers and his Character.

It's probably because of money. How much is Bishop making? Printers was one of the highest paid in the league in Hamilton wasn't he?

He was THE highest paid player in the league at about $500,000 I believe. Budget restraints play a big role in where a player may end up.

Now that he's been released, teams can sign him to whatever contracts they and the player can agree on. The terms of his Hamilton deal terminated with his release.

Printers has a bad rep and no one wants to touch him.

I was thinking the same thing. Just because he made $500,000 in Hamilton, doesn't mean that's how much teams have to pay him now. And if he thinks he can still demand that much money, then he'll continue to watch the games from home.

Well the whole salary level demand is a complete case in point - he can't seem to bring himnself back to the basics of a more humbled salary until he can prove that he is otherwise worth more.

And so until he can do that, which he can't seem to do, and is part of the personality flaw that has caused him the blacklist himself, he will sit and rot.

Imagine how he will feel 20 years from now and thinks to himself - what if? - but generally, people with his attitude will never have that kind of self realization because they don't have the balls or humility to see themselves for what they really are.

It really is a conundrum.

Kind of sad really - not unlike the Lindsay Lohans' or Britney Spears' of the world who self destruct because of flawed senses of self worth.

(Next patient please!)

"Well the whole salary level demand is a complete case in point - he can't seem to bring himnself back to the basics of a more humbled salary until he can prove that he is otherwise worth more."

How's this? First, Printers fired his agent: that clearly implies a change of course in his case. Second, I'm not aware of Printers making any particular current salary demand (in order to play in the CFL again). Anyone of even moderate intelligence, in Printers position, would know full well that beggars cannot be choosers.

Did Printers' agent cause his bad on-field attitude? As we say out here, "A shit leopard can't change it's shit spots" OK, nobody actually says that except the Trailer Park Boys. :slight_smile:

Which says to me that 8 GM's and Head Coaches have decided that Printers isn't worth the risk at any price.

You're assuming Printers possesses moderate intelligence. :wink:

A person with the kind of ego that Printers has is not likely to reduce his salary demand much. If he was making a half a mil in Hamilton (and all indications are that it was somewhere in that range), I doubt he'd agree to sign for what most GMs believe he's worth. On most teams, he'd probably be a backup; even the ones who want him as their starter would probably be reluctant to offer more than 200,000 or 250,000.

Although BigDog Britney is back doing her thing on stage and seems somewhat cured of what ailed her. And making some big coin. No doubt Printers has personality issues to deal with I agree but in terms of flaw, well, most of us have personality flaws of one sort or another. The key is recognizing your flaw(s) and being either comfortable with how you behave with the flaw or, if you're not comfortable with it, you get some help with the flaw and try and change. Maybe Printers is comfortable in his space where he is now, I don't know. Maybe he wants out of football but will only play for a certain amount of money and that is fine.

If BC loses to Saskatchewan this week, expect Wally to give Printer's a call. Wally won't wait for Jackson or Pierce to get their act together, he needs results. If they can't perform...changes will take place.

I can't see Wally Calling Printers. he's too stubborn to do that.

The biggest factor may not be Wally's pride, or Printers' salary demands, but what BC is able to pay. Wally went through a major purge last offseason that was primarily designed to shed salary - even if Printers is reasonable, does BC have a hundred or so grand left under the SMS to sign him?

The only way I can see it is if they get rid of one or both of their big two, which would represent a huge leap of faith on Wally's part.

Can't imagine Printers' salary demands to be terribly high; he's currently sitting at home earning diddly, so it's a case of beggars can't be choosers. . .

Printers is a better QB than about half the starting QB's in the league. He's only 28 yrs old and I think the stories about him being a cancer or egotist are overblown. The only reason Casey isn't with a CFL team now is no GM has the guts to go out on a limb and sign him. Most fans have a negative image of Printers and if he failed, there would be egg on the GM's face..."we told you so!" :roll:

In the era of non guaranteed football contracts, it costs absolutely zero to bring him in for a look see.
If the Argos have another disasterous game from Joseph tomorrow, there is no question that I would immediately call him in.