I know this is old news and has probably been talked about 100 times on here but i've been away for a long time. Why do we not go after Casey Printers. You can't call him bad after hamilton look at that sh!t show he was in. He's very talneted.

So you want a player that the worst team in the league didn't want? Put another way, no one in the league knows him better than Wally, and Wally doesn't want him.

Well he got wallys lions to the grey cup in 04 and then wally benched him for old man dickenson and lost. Im just saying that the guy showed talnet in BC went to KC was there for like 2-3 years came back signed with sh!tiest team in the league for top $$$$ and couldn't make chicken soup outta chicken sh!t and Hamilton threw him under the bus for ALL their probelms. Look at KJ played up and down with Ottawa comes to us and wins a grey cup. I know our defense was better than but still i dont think you should close the book on this guy yet

I wouldn't close the book on his CFL career either...........not quite yet.

That said, I don't belive that any team will sign him for training camp..........but he may very well get a call during the season. Allow me to explain my thinking on this.

First off, Printers has a reputation (deserved or otherwise) of having a gigantic ego and being a cancer in a locker room. Whether that's true or not is somewhat irrelevant; perception is often more important than reality. Mrs MadJack and I met him once, and found him to be quite down to earth and approachable. That means little, it was only once, and I've never been in a locker room with him. But most GMs I think are wary because of his reputation.

So for that reason I don't believe he'll get a training camp invite. But here are the scenarios in which he may get a call during the season:

  1. The Riders try their inexperienced guys as starters, they all play poorly or at best medicore; a few losses in a row, then I think they'll call Printers. But they'll first try to sink or swim with the ones they've got........if none of them shows that he's ready to be a quality starter, then they call Printers.

  2. Same situation in Winnipeg.........they'll go with what they've got for a bit, but if none of their guys can get the job done, then they call Printers.

  3. The other 6 teams all have established starters; but if one gets a serious injury that keeps him out of action for any appreciable length of time, and the backup(s) can't get the job done, then they call Printers.

So those are the scenarios in which I can see Printers back in the CFL.

What are the chances that (a) the 6 established starters play all season without serious injury; (b) one of Saskatchewan's QBs steps up and plays really well, and (c) one of WInnipeg's QBs steps up and plays really well..................all at the same time?

Not likely.............

So that's how I see Printers back, because to expect one of Lefors/Dinwiddie/Randall to light it up, and to expect one of Durant/Tate/Jyles to light it up, and to expect all the other 6 starters to have injury-free seasons is a bit too much to expect to happen all in the same season.

But I've been wrong before...................

please....stop with the Printers crap. No one wants him for reasons we can only speculate on, but regardless of what we think, the thing is "no one wants him". I mean please stop asking for other people's crap and put your support behind Durant, Jyles and Bell. Can you imagine how badly Durant wants to stay when all he reads on here is how we need to find someone better, and we begin naming ego maniacs like Printers?? Give me a break already. Besides, it seems to me that when a team gives in to Printers, he rewards them with inconsistency (53% pass completion), huge interception ratios, a preference to be on the sidelines nursing the boo-boo of the week, and bitching about how he feels the offense should be run (see Texas Christian University). I think the biggest stat of all is the trail of destruction he leaves behind. Time for Casey to ride off into the wind and become the footnote he is truly destined to be.

Go Durant!!!!!!

AMEN. Printers doesn't have what the 04 printers did anymore. He fumbled the ball almost all the time just attempting to throw (sadly enough with nobody in front of him), get's injured like theres no tommorrow (mostly BS injuries like a broken nail, etc.), throws the ball at 400 MPH at receivers 4 yards in front of him and wonders why they can't catch it, throws interceptions galore, demands a massive salary, demands to start, has an ego bigger than Texas, and the list goes on and on. Trust me. You'd be pulling out your hair watching this guy, I've been there watching every game for the past 2 seasons he was in Hamilton. He's gone, I'm glad he's gone, Hamilton's glad he's gone, trust me. You DO NOT WANT PRINTERS! If you want another QB, sign a few undrafted FA's from the states, they're more worth your time and money.

Yeah i guess that makes sense. And don't get me wrong i really like Durant and thought it was really unfair when we kicked him out for Bishop last year after he did so well. The whole thing was just a thought that popped out of my head. I'd really like to see Durant be succsessfull and wish him all the luck in the world he reminded me alot of KJ. I guess when you look at it we did the same thing last year with bringing Bishop in and that didnt work out too well. Sorry for doubting you DD4

there is nothing I can't stand more than people who don't have a clue,

Printers won't be here, stop asking, stop wishing, stop making threads about the guy.. he's NOT coming to Saskatchewan!

the Guy may have talent but he's overrated and very selfish and he's the LAST guy you want in the Riders dressing room!

Wow sorry I just had an idea and wanted to see other people's opinions on it. Don't go around saying i don't have a clue because i've been watching this game before alot of the people on this forum were even born. Like i previously posted i would love to see Durant or Jyles or Bell have an amazing season and career with the green and white, the whole printers thing was just a curiosity that i had. If you don't want to answer it or read it then don't bother.

Well put Gcup, well put.


  1. There is a difference between “people who don’t have a clue” and “people who happen to hold a different opinion than mine.”

  2. Is Printers NOT coming to Saskatchewan? You have, I would guess, about a 90% chance of being right there. But scroll up to my post of 29 May, I posit a scenario that could possibly see him in Saskatchewan. Likely? No; possible? Yes; so I would be careful about categorical statements if I were you. Stranger things have happened in the wild and wacky world of the CFL.

  3. Does he have talent? Yes I agree with you. Is he overrated? I’m not so sure…he sure hasn’t accomplished much lately, but that 2004 season was magical; where did it all go? I don’t have the answer. Now, is he, as you say, selfish and the last guy you’d want in a locker room?

Well, here is what I said in my post:

“First off, Printers has a reputation (deserved or otherwise) of having a gigantic ego and being a cancer in a locker room. Whether that’s true or not is somewhat irrelevant; perception is often more important than reality. Mrs MadJack and I met him once, and found him to be quite down to earth and approachable. That means little, it was only once, and I’ve never been in a locker room with him.”

So…have YOU been in a locker room with him to know that he’s the last guy you’d want there and do you know him well enough to say that he is selfish?


Nice! Thanks Mad Jack

ok well, I still think the guy is at the point where he believes he's the saviour for whatever team he plays for, when in fact he's proven zip all since 2004 and nobody wants to pay him what he got paid last year and he'll sit on the sidelines forever until he finally wises up and cuts his salary by 50%

Well we certainly agree on those 2 points...........he's proven zip since 2004 (wish I knew why...) and there's no way he'll get paid anything close to what he had been making (at least until he proves himself again, if (a) he gets the opportunity and (b) he actually does prove himself again).

Are You Nuts? He’s not worth half that kind of money, even if we could afford that prima donna! The other thing is he didn’t just suck there, he sucked stateside, you can’t say that the NFL team he was on was half as bad as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and if you do I’ll hunt you!:twisted: