...I thought the ball-boy asst. was your job......guess you'll be out of :lol:

Actually, in fairness to Casey, he flips burgers quite well at McDonalds :lol: :lol: :lol:

You guys are as cruel as your GM/HC/OC/Spokesman/Database operator :slight_smile:

…Sure has been quiet on the Printers front…Last i heard he was sent plane fare to attend a Kelly 'look-=see camp…Has he attended…or will he attend…guess only his agent knows for certain and the news on him has sure gone dead…You’d think someone, somewhere, would have an angle on him…Maybe he’s trying out for AFL2…or whatever that rinky-dink league is called… :roll: :roll:

What would AFL2 want with Casey Printers? They have just signed the incomparable Micheal Bishop, after all :smiley:

…ooops… :lol: i forgot MadJack :lol: :lol: :lol:

Maybe that's where Marcus Crandell is too! Who else did Sask dump from last year?!

.....HUH.....are you sure you're on the right forum.... :lol:

...Sticking with the topic at hand...(and trying my damndest to decode evenroads57 post)...Printers was throwing and receivers were catching at the Bombers Fla. fa. camp...Also on hand was Marcus Crandell...and a qb. by the name of James Kilian...My guess ...Printers will get a good shot at training camp....this Kilian guy will also be brought in ...I would say the Bombers quarterbacking situation is far from being settled.......As for Crandell....he'd really have to step-up his game (if he has any left) to be seriously considered for anything...Will have to wait for more reports on how everyone looked to be fair...This Kilian guy is a nice prospect with good size...We'll see.... :roll:

only plus about signing Crandell is he won't have to beat the Blue ever again. I swear he beats WPG everytime he starts.

Well now..............the Bombers have signed QB James Kilian:

[url=] ... -qb-kilian[/url]

Does this mean that they will NOT sign Casey Printers?

I believe Killian was at the try out camp on the weekend. Looks like Kelly preferred what he saw from him as opposed to Printers and Crandell.

That would seem to be the logical conclusion........................but does logic apply when we're talking about Mr Kelly?

According to Kelly, Printers is NOT a Bomber and he liked what he saw from the QB named “k” something or other, so we can end this talk about Printers coming to the Peg. Printers also has workouts scheduled in Toronto and B.C in the next couple of weeks, oh well, no big loss!!

Obviously signing Killian reduces the chance Printers will be a Bomber, but teams have been known to bring 5 QBs to camp, so it isn't a done deal yet. Hard to imagine a talent like Casey isn't better in Kelly's mind than 4 other guys on the Bomber roster, eh Papa?

…we’ll see all of those guys in camp…Printers …maybe… maybe not Mont. has six on board i believe??? :roll:

Als will carry 4 this year.

Clavillo (lock at starter)
Macpherson (lock at short yardage)

These 3 guys will be left fighting for 1 roster spot and 1 PR spot

Chris Leak
Brad Banks
Brad Roach

Only guy with experience is Banks so it will be interesting to see if the Als keep Banks or if they edge their bets and go with a bunch of kids behind Calvillo. They do have Brady that can come out of retirement if required...

I doubt very much the Als have any interest in Printers after the stunt he pulled on Jim Popp two years ago... Too bad for Printers because spending a year or two behind Calvillo with no pressure would probably have been the best situation for him.

...You know what hfxtc...i agree with you on the Printers behind Calvillo scenario....I thought Printers, staying in the hammer, behind Glenn would've been also good for him...BUT i guess the money wouldn't have allowed it...The problem with Casey is that he really didn't do much after leaving the Leos and D.D....maybe that's been part of his problem all this time....he needs an experienced guy to work with....Guess we'll hav :lol: e to sign Crandell as well....

Well that's how Calvillo got his career back on track spending time with Tracy Hamm. Then there is Bishop who didn't learn a thing from four years with Damon Allen...So it depends on the ability and willingness to teach by the mentor and the will to listen, observe and work of the pupil.... I have a feeling that Casey will endup in BC and will make Buono look like a genius Aggggggain...

....IF......that happens Wally will have a prob. on his hands....Jackson and Bucky ain't gonna take too kindly to the re-arrival of Printers....someone will be expendable....I can see Pierce or J.J. being moved if this becomes a reality... :roll:

Buck in the Peg? Could that be a fit? If the Lions sign Casey, do u think Buck Or Jarious would be released or traded? Who would be worth the most on a trade? Or which QB would you rather have?