…reported in the Sun today ,that Casey Printers was to be making an appearance at Kellys qb. camp in Florida…Could this be the prelude to ‘Bomber interest’ in the guy being rekindled…I know Kelly said he had zero interest in Casey while still under contract to the Cats…HOWEVER…that changed to …‘no-interest at this time’ after Printers was released…hmmmmmmmThis is all speculation right now…but where there’s smoke… :roll:

...............there is fire but I'll do whatever it takes to make sure there is water and a fire extinguisher. But it doesn't look like it will happen, from TSN:

Printers will not be attending one of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers' free agent camps in the US this weekend as had been speculated in various publications. As far as he is concerned, the Bombers, like every other team, already know what he can do. All they need to do is watch game film from 2004 and 2005.

HA HA, if that came from him it sure shows where his attitude is at!

what about 07 and 08 when you sucked?!?! :roll:

thanks but no thanks mr. best QB in the world...

haha, i chuckled pretty good to when i read that. "as far as he's concerned", what a bum. i hope he never signs in Winnipeg and is an absolute dud wherever else he goes.

...I don't know about this Medlock guy and the intelligence level of these latest utterings....but between Casey and his agent...they sure know how to shoot themselves in the foot....Listen -up Medlock and the qb. you represent... CFL teams aren't coming to YOUR DOOR with cap in hand.....What a joke ///they better start taking on a little more humbler attitude or the two of them will dig a hole so deep they'll never get out.....Frankly I can't see Printers ever in BluenGold....Medlock represented a big o line guy that played for the Bombers about 3 yrs. ago ...Can't remember his name .Bobo...or something like that...He thought the guy was worth nfl money and couldn't come to an agreement with he took his ball and his players contract (unsigned) and went home....He said he would have his player wait at the phone for other offers because what the Bombers were offering wasn't good enough.....As far as i know Bobo is still waiting for a call.....Career ended...On top of that he said he would 'never' deal with the Bombers again...This is one time i totally agreed with Taman.......sooooooo I don't believe we'll ever see Casey in the least as long as Medlock represents him :lol: :lol:

...tsn is now rumouring that Printers could be headed to the Als.... :lol: I thought he was on his way there a few years ago...Popp was to meet him at the airport but Casey never showed....I don't think he showed up in Hamilton either :lol: :lol: :lol:

:D at the hamilton joke papa.

damn, your right on too about the offensive lineman, Orlando Bobo was his name. Sadly, his career ended completely in another way as Bobo is now deceased for a couple of years. … ng_of_bobo

....I didn't know Bobo was deceased.....Sorry to hear that.....I don't like to speak lightly of people who have passed....thanks for the info...


Ah yes, some things never change. The attitude of Printers never ceases to amaze me.

The Bombers are better off without him.

no problem, i didn't know either, when you brought him up i googled the name. its too bad, its always sad seeing people pass away so early.

Sounds like Printers may be swallowing his pride a little.

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...We sent him a ticket to the qb. evaluation camp.....can't he afford his own.....I don't usually buy into rumours.....but like i said before...where there's smoke.....IF...and that's a BIG IF.....Printers shows up....and Mike is serious about the guy...lets see what he can do....First things first....Casey has to check that attitude at the door....Someone once said 'a leopard never changes his spots'....maybe this time he's tried to alter them somewhat...Medlock and his client are beginning to see the writing on the wall....and my guess is they're not seeing what they like...ZIPPO in 09.....Printers has to have a looooong talk with Kelly and lay out their wants and dislikes.... IF Printers MAKES THE GRADE he has to be introduced to an incentive laden contract...otherwise i say we leave Casey on the shelf....You can't deny the guy has talent....and looking at our cast of receivers (im sure Printers is salivating at getting a shot to throw to these guys) compared to the one receiver he had to chuck to last year, could prove to be very interesting....Printers can't come into the Bomber fold thinking he's the' salvation'...I would rather just go the route we're going now, than to entertain his ego...Oh well, in the end ,an evaluation is just that and so far THAT is only a rumour in the Sun.(we've seen those before)..Assess one day at a time, i venture to say... :roll:

Hmmm!!! Like I mentioned in another post, I'am not sure about this. Loads of talent but a major attitude adjustment would be in order. I feel comfortable in the direction we're going right now,but you have to keep your options open for sure. If Kelly believes there is a chance of improving our Quarterbacking situation then I guess he'll do what he deems best for he Team.

Kelly obviously has his reservations about Printers (a-hole light).

But for Printers to check his ego and accept the invite to a mini-camp for ‘prospects’ is a step in the right direction.

Printers will have to convince Kelly he is worth keeping around.

If Printers can stop blaming his inadequate receivers when they drop the ball........
If Printers can stop blaming the fat slow Offensive Linemen when he gets sacked........
If Printer's agent can stop pumping up that ego.............
If Printers can............

Yup, you guys will have a big project ahead of you. If you can get the ego adjusted, you'll have a great player. If you can't, well,

Good luck, you'll need it.

Sporty, I almost get the feeling you aren't a fan of Mr. Printers.......

What was your first clue??? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I had the opportunity to hear a lot of interviews his agent (Medlock) gave to the radio stations. Not impressed.

I also had the opportunity to, get some....inside info. (others would call it gossip) A Coach my Grandson played for back in 2005 had a brother that worked for the Lions. He basically confirmed what the media was allready reporting, (The dressing room split players not wanting to be on the same bus, the 2004 Grey Cup fiasco.) He told us how close the team came to being torn apart. Yeah, Coach _____ was second hand info, but comming from his brother, it was beleivable.

So, I've never been a Printers fan.

....YUP......sporty would like to send Casey a ticket....but it wouldn't be to the Bombers look-see camp...I have to agree with Kelly....we want to be 'a-hole light'....(he sure has a way with words lol)...IF Printers doesn't meet that requirement...I, for one, don't want the disruption....I don't know if anyone remembers the Beverly Hillbillies ol tv show....but i see Kelly as Jed Clampett...and Casey as Jethro....and the phrase Jed often used....'I'm gonna have to have a loooooooong talk with that boy'..I hope Printers will listen...or this could be a gong show... :roll: :roll:

Shhhh Papa, we are showing OUR age!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

As for Printers, he will be at the evaluation camp in Florida, is it a good idea? It would not hurt, no one else wants him and his agent realizes that and from interviews with casey, sounds to me like he has lost his attitude at least a little bit.

If they take Lefors and Printers over Randall (who is as good, if not better than Casey if he had the chance-and is only 25) that would piss me off big time, Randall in my opinion is the future QB here. And what about Dinwiddie, he has bled blue and Gold for 4 years waiting, maybe just a good back up, but i was more happy when our QB situation was:


At least If the first two stink up the joint, we would finally see more of Randall!!

If they sign Printers he will look good holding Kellys clipboard. Or assisting the ball boy. :rockin: :rockin: :lol: