Printers needs to take a lesson from Maas on how what he should do when you are stuck being a back up. You have not heard a word from Maas all season about his status with the Esks. He could go off with everyone who will listen, but the only thing he has said all season is that "He knows what RR is going through." That shows unselfishness and class that Printers is not showing.

Maas is a great quarterback both in terms of playing ability, and his attitude. He thinks about what is best for the team and avoids causing conflict by disagreeing with head coach(exact opposite of priners). Its unfortunate we'll probably lose Maas to another team in the off-season.

Revolving door on the radio sportscast he's playing next one he's not.....Yesterday they said he practiced and took some snaps, now he's not going to Winnipeg.......AArrrggg the radio stations are full of Marty Yorks!

The media is trying to make something of nothing. They have nothing good to say about the Leos, so they come up with bullshit to fill in the dead air.

Actually if I am not mistaken, wasn't it his agent that started this all up. All he had to do in the radio interview was keep his damn mouth shut. Printers could have stopped it all when they interviewed hom as well. With the attitude that was shown by both of them he moght have cost himself some money.

He did cost himself money...when he refused the 3 year deal he was offered in the spring. I really can't see CP getting another deal that good...not after this season...a season in which he has done nothing at all.

I agree with you all here… Printers is just screwing himself over after all this injusry which his doctor has cleared him medically of. it is his agent and himself that keep saying he is not medically fit to play… He is scared to play for fear he will not be as hot as last year… Thank god for Dave and Buck… We have great QBV’s and I don;t thikn we need Printers anymore…

printers needs to get an "attitude" adjustment! to be honest, i don't think he wants to play becoz with the o line in front of him, he knows he's gonna get creamed again! that's a pansy-assed attitude to have and i don't see him being with the lions next year. i'd say that he'd look good in blue n gold, but i'm not sure he'd want to play in wpg, and after the last few months, i'm not sure we'd want him!!! i was a printers fan, but i'm having some serious second thoughts now.

And you guys wondered why I don't like Printers. shank868 got it right when he said tha Printers needs an "attitude" adjustment, I couldn't agree with him more. Printers is just looking out for himself. He should suck it up and play with pain, be the pro that Dickenson is. To be honest if he wants to go to the NFL and hold a clipboard next year, let him go. We don't need him. Besides when/if he comes back this year he has got to be 3rd string as Bucky has proven himself to be a more than capable back up to Dave. When we were 11-0 Casey made it all about him. To me he looks like he is upset that he isn't getting the press that he got last year. We don't need that type of attitude on the team.