For Glenn, provided he agrees to reneg his $500K salary.

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the idea of this is making me nauseous. Is Obilovich on the take with you guys?

....DEFINITELY some smoke here.......Printers would have to renegotiate his contract and make it more palatable to the Bombers...and the deal will probably get done....Failing that....there are two qbs. with too much dough due them (Glenn expecting a big bonus in March) on teams that really don't want them.....I could see this deal's up to Printers....Glenn has named the Cats as a team he wouldn't mind playing for... :roll:

Casey the CANCER is not coming to Winnipeg. Kelly is trying to rid the Bombers of players like this.Not bring more trouble to the team. Kelly wouldn't take Printers for free.'re right doesn't sound like we are in the least bit interested in Printers' services.....seem it was a lot of smoke blowin out of the Van. media... :roll:

can't see this happening at all, even with a pay cut, but if he can return to BC form and adjust his attitude, he may be the answer. Besides if you were playing in Hamilton wouldn't you have a bad attitude as well, the guy just wants to win and the Cats are from from winners, wouldn't hurt to have him in training camp instead of Glenn. Doesn't hurt to try the guy again, he has been criticized too much in Hamilton anyway's, no QB can play on the Ti-Cats with there WEAK offensive line and less than average recievers, remember when our recievers are on there game, they can make any QB look like a CFL all star. I think Printers would do good with Edwards/Armstrong/Bryant/Franklin, maybe MILT again plus some other solid recievers like Stoddard and the young Hargreaves and Armstead can play reciever as well.

I'd be insulted by the bolded part if it weren't true.

Even still, it's not like Winnipeg was tearing up the league this year. Remember, at one point in the season Hamilton had a better record then Winnipeg. No offense intended, just stating a simple observation.