Did Printers actually play that bad?

His numbers were 8/19 for 110 yards. Now those number don't sound that good but his receivers were not helping him out and dropped at least 4 balls right in there hands, and 1 or 2 others that were catchable. if his recivers could just hold on his stats would of been about 13/19 witch isnt that bad.

You also have to look at how much time he had to throw the ball. He did not have anywhere near the amount of time that Porter did (not sure how that makes sense but its true). So i think at least 2 of balls were just thrown away because he had a rush right in his face and no time to do anything. This now makes his (fake) stats 15/19 witch is pretty good if you ask me.

I know he did fumble the ball and that was bad, but he still tried to make a play but was unsuccessful because he had there defenders all over him. Where was the line on that play? They saw that he had fumbled and just gave up.

So overall i think he played a decent game and had no help like most other games this year. I hope they don't give up on you Cassey.

I agree with all of the above... the problem is that people associate a good game by a backup with the end of Printers.

Just a situation of the guys getting fired up for a backup... id be shocked if Quinton played that well against BC.

Did you not notice how fast Porter got the ball away? It's not that Porter had more protection, it's that he spotted his receivers quickly and got the ball away much quicker. He hung in the pocket even under pressure rather than pulling it down and running.
Printers, it was clear tonight, is a big part of the problem. Some may not want to admit it but tonight certainly provided evidence that Printers is the master of his own demise. I like the guy and hoped for the best for him, but I don't think he has what it takes to lead the Cats out of the cellar.

The only problem(s) im seeing with Printers is that he tends to not throw enough deep balls, and when he does he doesnt put enough air under them... he wants his receivers to catch it in stride rather than letting their size go get a jump ball, something the lack of arm strength produces.

I watched the replay and can say that he clearly had more time to throw the ball, the receivers seemed to get open easier and all of the sudden the drops stopped.... not putting down a great performance from a raw rookie either, Porter deserved better tonight, but the protection wasn't there for Printers.

Credit to the coaching for second half adjustments (rare as unicorns here)on both sides.
Whatever they did it gave Porter way more time than CP.
But Porter did see the field better than Printers.Good arm but the long TD to P Rod really hung up.

Easy to see why Porter vaulted over Wms. for the number 2 spot. Good mechanics, instincts.

Barring a total meltdown he has the number two post locked up (and made CP's leash shorter)

Lets not get ahead of ourselves he has to show more of the same stuff against quality defenses.

Then again, in Ticatland, backup QBs fashioned careers and a ton of goodwill out of one good outing.

Some thoughts on all these comments
Porter did release quicker than Printers. Porter took what the defence gave him. Printers pushes too far evertime = int/dropped balls/sacks while holding onto the ball Count for yourself if you watch the game again.
The team may be jacked up when anyone but Printers is in ( my point in other threads). I would be.
Printers tries to hard to be the hero

Printers wants the big play evertime

Have you noticed the receivers catched the ball when Porter was the QB. I think Casey does not have any leadership abilities and the team plays harder for other QB's.

If I was a Hamilton Oline or receiver I’d be playing has hard as I can no matter the QB, cause their playing for their jobs right now.

I don’t think its a personal issue. Porter has no pressure, Printers is trying to carry the team.

i agree here , this is so true its so easy for porter to come in and play well

Printers is very indecisive and takes too long to throw the ball.He then has to take off and run.

Printers has tunnel vision.

Look at his picks last week. Goss knew exactly where he was going to throw the ball.

That IS the point. 2-10 and you're the backup. When teams have more tape on the backup, they can adjust. Porter will find a similar phenomenon to what Williams began to face during his stint: teams will find ways to neutralize what he does best.

Being in the stratosphere in league salary does change the optic on one's expected output. Printers's effort in "trying to carry the team" can be easily read as a misguided messiah complex, a fairytale "knight in shining armour" by those with a little extra time to make their "reads," even if theirs is from a recliner. :wink:

That isn't directed at you, Kovacs, to be clear.

It's a game. He isn't producing wins. He's making mistakes. His pump fakes are a little too hard and he's auto-spiking as a result. He makes a comment about wanting to one day be known as the greatest QB to ever play the game and suddenly people see temples being constructed FFS.

Bravado? Yes. Over-the-top optimism? Yes.

Get over it. 2-10 in that locker room and that club was over the fumes of the popcorn being ready in Week 6. That's the real world.

From Casey, I would rather see Movados than bravado, if you get my drift (ty Suitor and your Gladiator awards for that). My take is that his window for turning the corner here is going to be closed by the end of the season. That is how things work in Tigertown, Bob Young era.

Printers is pressing and his ability to mesh with the receiving corps as is doesn't have it right now. Porter showed me that he's as loose as a goose. It will be interesting to see how far they want to go auditioning the kid.

Oski Wee Wee,

okay frenchy ( that's you oui oui)! it's wee wee by the way, but to each his own. I tried to be nice to you in asking about your name and if you had a connection to Quebec but you decided to take shots. Armchair warrior? I played this game in university in this country and know the game. Extra time to write? I am a school teacher and take pride in writing the english language properly, minus a typo or two here and there ( I said that so when you jump on me for making a typo, I have already acknowledged that I am human.). So, if you want to take shots at me, then address me personally. Better yet, don't even respond to my personal opinions unless you can be civil.

In order:

1) Civil? You call me "Frenchy" first line, first clause. Your words. Next?

"It's wee wee by the way, but to each their own." Won't bother.

I'm from the West Mountain. I'll type it slower next time. :wink:

  1. Taking shots? I addressed your "knight in shining armour" issue with Printers. Your words.

There is no knight, no armour except perhaps some UnderArmor of his that has been road grated. He is a guy who has a big contract, a radio show, and isn't getting the results that people expect. I'm not trying to overdramatize the futility, speaking for myself. Your mileage may vary. I don't speak for you. That's how it ought to work.

Taking care with my words would be appreciated.

  1. Armchair warrior? << your words.

"Being in the stratosphere in league salary does change the optic on one's expected output. Printers's effort in "trying to carry the team" can be easily read as a misguided messiah complex, a fairytale "knight in shining armour" by those with a little extra time to make their "reads," even if theirs is from a recliner." << my words

Didn't use the term "warrior," sorry. Fans on this board write from a variety of chairs, myself included. The extra time to analyze things is a luxury many fans do have. Not a crime if the shoe fits.

I teach too. I didn't play the game. My sport was baseball (fastball).

"Extra time to write?" Again your words. Not clear how "extra time to make their 'reads'" became "extra time to write," but I digress. I really do not care how long it takes anyone to post here, frankly. Fans come from all walks of life and have varied interests. The fact people post here on this board IS a good thing. Even at 2-10.

"So, if you want to take shots at me, then address me personally. Better yet, don't even respond to my personal opinions unless you can be civil." << Your words.

Addressing you personally is what I'm doing, focussing on the words because this is a forum and the drama quotient in this place at the best of times is a little high, most would agree. The thing that has to be understood by everyone is that one's personal opinion on a public board becomes a PUBLIC opinion. So criticizing the opinions of others is a hazard around here.

It pays to differentiate between the personal and the public.

I get that.

Oski Wee Wee,

Wow! Teacher fights almost as good as a good cheerleader catfight LOL!

Round 1 to the not so French teacher 10-8. One point taken from 27 for racist inference :slight_smile:

That whoosh sound is a witty play on words going over your head.

If "Frenchy" was intended as a racial slur, I suggest you review this forum's rules.

It's nice that you played university football. Those who believe that makes them an expert and superior to others on this forum hang out at another. Perhaps your temper would be more controlled there and you'd be among people of like mind.

Ah, we are keeping score. That's great. Gloves are off I figure. I thought this only happened on the general CFL board but I was wrong.
First of all, I got the play on words. It was not a racial nor cultural slur but intended to make the point that we all have ways of expressing ourselves and things said can be taken in many different contexts and directions. Apparently, I have offended my fellow Hamiltonians. funny how you can offend Christians and other's that regard God as sacred but you can't offend other races. Everyone pulls the politically correct racial card but noone gets offended when we use obscenities and sacriligous comments but then this is the signs of the times.
I stated that I played university ball because Mr Oui Oui suggested that I did not know what I was talking about from my armchair. nothing more.
Once again, temper is perception based on words and there is no swearing from me nor slander. Anger was interpretted by you. Funny, how growing up in the Hammer I saw how "violent and mean our fans were towards other team's fans. So I believe if I took the energy to be angry, I would fit in nicely with my fellow fans. Living north of the big bad TO, I now see how others view Hamiltonians and it is sad and misinformed. Yet, when one voices their opinion here, it is with fear and trepidation. I will leave here and not come back. I am sorry if I have offended anyone here. I ask for your forgiveness and have forgiven those that have offended me. God bless
Go Cats Go ( except for Printers)