Printers &*&*&

Did he forget how to run in the NFL. This is terrible

wish i didn't have TSN HD, Printers and the offence are terrilbe, did they get this week off due to their stellar performance last week

do we have a screen pass in the playbook, lets get lumdsen involved. They are blitzing EVery play another 2 and out

10 yards offence with 2 minutes to go in half, people pay to watch this??

He has no time to make a decision. They are all over him. Zero protection.

where are our big 3 American linemen. Is lumdsen still hurt, get tre smith involved, short passes will stop the blitz

quick slants,screen passes,draw plays..they all stop the blitz!!!..

I agree, this is not Printers' fault. When he hits a receiver they drop it, and we have not adjusted to Goss blitzing constantly.

i agree, you would think with our Danny on the sideline, this would have been done already

since we took the lead our defence has been pathetic

Printers hurt, what a waste of money

wanker, what a suitable name...wanker.

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and we have not adjusted to Goss blitzing constantly
You know I think your starting to get it ;)

I'm an idiot, Edmonton scores 10 unanswered points once we got the lead

and our best offence tonite was when Printers was out. Not the same guy he was 4 yrs ago, with their blitz tonite if would run first pass later he might have got out of trouble. Guess the years in the NFL beat the run out of him. Too bad

if would run first pass later
Were you watching the same game, he ran every play, before he passed, while he passed... ;)

it's t-o-n-i-g-h-t. wanker

run north/south not east/west

He just can't get rid of the ball. He's standing back there for 10 seconds before he throws it. Are receivers not getting open? You wonder why fans are seeing red when the O-line collapses. Not to say that the O-line isn't playing well. It's a combination of things.

xenu , any comments on the game this evening

didn't think so