This guy has not been the same since he went south. And he just keeps getting worse. Play Richie for godsake at least he moves the O

Printer's played well. Do you just have the anti-printers syndrome?

Played great that's why he only put up 3pts

Printers was solid and emotional. Discipline penalties is what killed drives and momentum.

I would like to that DKS13 for being the first start Richie thread of the season.

It never takes long in Hamilton for the backup to be called on by the fans. The backup Qb IS the favourite player of Hamiltonians.

Printers played with poise and made some very nice throws. He had no time and penalties killed the drives. The receivers are much better. Give the offence a few more games together and they will be fine.

^^at least we all see what DKS13 is all about.

Printers was pretty good tonight. He remained poised (except the spike that cost the team a penalty), and made some tough throws.

Unfortunately Printers can't play defense, or make his linemen play penalty free.

It was the 3rd and 1 gamble in the first that sealed the loss for the Ticats

Printers was just fine. One player cant beat a team. This team just isnt cohesive right now. Once, the team stops taking stupid penalties and plays together. The points will come!!

I cant believe I am seeing this!!! printers played great! for what he was given I dont think we could have asked for more. his throws were dead on, he can scramble very very well and made positive yardage almost everytime. richie is good but he is not printers

I agree. I like the username since it is apparent that a lot of people don't have "reason" when throwing Casey under the bus tonight.

Its only the one person from what I've seen and after starting this thread obviously he or she knows nothing about football.

I wouldnt say he played great but he was okay and will get better. The penalty wasnt very good and the fumble was bad but those things happen. I like what I saw from him for sure, he had it all really and if he ever finds the endzone the floodgates might open up.

The penalty was ridiculous. They let the Stampeders do the bobsled routine in the endzone and all of the craazy TD dances, but Casey can't spike a ball after a great run for a first down to fire up his team and fans on OPENING NIGHT? That's just garbage.

It's hard to watch AC do whatever he wants, whenever he want to against our defense.. Made us look like a bunch of fools..

I though Printers was scrambling for his life most of the night. If the O-line gets better we may get better.
I thought that he scrambled well most of the time and at least found receivers, then they would fumble or the o-line would take a penalty.

I believe they will get better, but it starts with the O-line..........................

The penalty for his spiking the ball was a bit lame, if you ask me. As was mentioned by Duane Ford, it was more trying to get the crowd into the game, not “taunting” the opposition. Unfortunately, he did it in the direction of the Montreal bench…just bad officiating!

I don't know who thought up a rule against taunting in football.. This is an aggressive game and people get P. O.'d at eachother. If you want to watch tennis then go ahead but I think that players should be able to taunt in football.

We couldn't get much pressure on the least mobile quarterback in the league. We need a cohesive effort from d-line, linebackers, and secondary if we're going to beat a qb like A.C.

Printers played solid. He was running for his life all night long. He was completing darts on the run. The O-Line & blocking schemes let him down.