Is he going to start this week cause i thought he played good last game until the injury.

Doubtful He well Look for Ritchie to start

From today's Hamilton Spectator:

Printers' condition is improving and there's still a chance he could suit up.

"We'll treat it day-to-day and see what happens," said the head coach.[/i]

The Cats are finished for the season. They are no longer playing for the hope of a playoff spot. Last game's attendance was 22000 or so...(can it get lower?) I know it hurts, but we are really playing for next year.
So...why are we playing Printers???!!!
Yes, I know he is our marquee player and the face of the franchise for the future, but wouldn't it be better if he took the time to heal while we audition for the future?
I have read that it is important that he get 'reps' and all...but why not let him study the playbook, familiarize himself with the community, and build a trusting relationship with the team before jumping in head first?
The one thing that Cats have, that the other teams don't, is time.
Give Williams or Chang the ball for the rest of the season, while Coaching and Management/Marketing get their ducks in a row.
It isn't worth risking the health of your biggest asset.