What happened to the MVP ? Gee I wonder if the team he played for had anything to do with it.Maybe he will offer to give some money back like Dickenson wanted to to keep Rob Murphy. Just think if he would have started out with Hamilton in the first place he wouldnt have got the opportunity to go to the NFL and hed probably be out of football already.


Printers wasn't the problem in the Ti-Cat game today. It was the receivers dropping the ball, the O-line not giving him ANY protection, and the defense su.cked big time. Besides, there are 15 rookies on the Ti-Cats as starters, that's going to make it tough for any team to win games.

Overrated, overhyped, overpaid.

Figures... Lions Fans trolling on Printers... so typical

Discounting the fact he’s been there a week, knows less than half the playbook, his starting tailback is out, and he’s already on the worst team in the league, yep his previous team must have carried him…

I liked it last week when all the Lions trolls disappeared after that big loss. It’s ok, we’ll be seeing that again after next weekend :wink:

He'll show flashes of brilliance, but you guys will definetly enjoy him getting sacked a ton and running his mouth like he has been already. CFL on TSN panel was trashing him at half-time. Guy needs a reality check and got it today against Winnipeg.

Nobody disappeared after last week's loss, nobody disappeared this week, and we sure as hell won't disappear next week after we beat the Riders in Regina just like we did last time.

I'm sure enjoying first place with JJ at the helm. Just wait until we start getting our healthy players back, you guys won't even get another sniff of first place again.

Like a broken record... :?

The qb position is the least of the problems for the TiCats. Everyone knew it was a rebuilding year and was going to be tough to stomach at times, last night the Bombers just reminded fans of that, as well as exacted a little revenge for the last time they played.

Printers has more talent in his little finger than the rest of the Hamilton qb parade combined. He just didn't have any help.

Printers, Lumsden, Moreno, Armour.......after that it is pretty thin.

reality check: Printers had an off game, which is to be expected after two years off and so little practice time...but he was still over 60% passing and threw no picks. There is little question he will only get better, which bodes well for the Ti-Cats for next season.

Sure Printers is self-centred, arrogant, condescending, disruptive and a showboater, but he is also a great talent and will surely win the Cats many games...

This is stupid. I am one to expect Printers to be a disappointment in the long run, but for anyonw to start pointing that finger after this one game is well, just plain stupid.


Not without a supporting cast, even Dan Marino couldn't do that. :wink:

he doesnt even know the playbook, he knows about 8-9 plays. thats all he had to work with yesterday. our o-line blows and our DB is a train wreck, i expecting a trade to happen soon for some defensive help.

No need to throw anyone under the train, the Bombers are hot right now, they likely would have beat anyone last night with all the bounces they had go their way.

Rahim Abdulah would make a nice rush end for the TiCats, the Bomber qbs had all day to throw. The TiCats also need a receiver who will pay the price over the middle. The addition of those two would make a huge difference alone, when you factor in Hudson, Lumsden and Armstead when they get back.

,,,Ti-Cats have to shore up their 'o' line....definitely one of the areas of concern for them....i think Taffe has to bring in a few more nfl cuts...cuz the talent obviously ain't there...and if anyone believes a qb. can do it all....they don't know's a team sport and i think the Bombers showed the Cats exactly that... :wink:

Printers was trying to do too much, he will be OK regardless of his personality. But you know what, the QB must have a somewhat arrogant personality to speak of.
When Lumsden comes back, the offense will pick up.
Here is the real surprise this year, to me it is Charlie Taffe. I thought he was going to make the difference, but so far he hires mostly a rookie CFL staff with little or no previous CFL experience. Gets called on many too many men in the huddle and some of the calls are off the wall. Going for a two pointer a few weeks back comes to mind.
He looks like a deer in the headlights type coach.

Printers had four days of practice. I didn't expect the game to go this badly, but I didn't expect a win, either. Like Taaffe said, it's like our offence is right back in training camp.

I mean, come on, guys, we all know this season is another write-off for the Ticats. They signed Printers more for next year than this one. He'll learn the offence, get comfortable with the receivers, move the ball a little, and maybe even win a game or two. The hope is that going into next season, we won't have to break in a whole new offence all over again.

And McKay-Loescher; don't forget him. But you're absolutely right.

But you know, the defence didn't do so badly yesterday. They managed a couple of turnovers, and only allowed 20 points (offence and special teams each gave up a touchdown of their own.) It would be nice if the Cats could get a few interceptions now and then, and being on the bottom of the list in sacks doesn't sit well with fans of the colours once worn by Angelo Mosca, Grover Covington and Joe Montford.


And that's not TiCat football Dave. The Cats have always had those kind of players crippling qb's. You need a guy like Abdulah who would as soon as cripple you as look at you.

No one player can take you from last to first in football. The supporting cast has to be there to allow someone like Printers to shine. In Hamilton its not, and given how much money Printers is making, who knows if it will be anytime soon.

When they get an O-Line that can offer better protection and receivers who actually catch the ball, then Printers will make a difference.