Printers with Kansas City

Report: Printers inks deal with Chiefs
Casey Printers

Casey Printers Staff

1/11/2006 5:17:57 PM

Casey Printers is headed to the NFL.

MOJO radio in Vancouver is reporting that Printers has signed a three-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs.

''Words can't even describe the feelings right now,'' Printers told MOJO 730. ''We're just very excited at the opportunity to be in the National Football League.''

Printers would not talk about financial terms of the deal.

Printers was the CFL MVP in 2004 when he threw for 5,088 yards with 35 touchdowns and only ten interceptions. He was also second on the team with 469 rushing yards and led the Lions with nine rushing touchdowns.

Despite struggling with shoulder and toe injuries in 2005 Printers managed to throw for 1,676 yards and nine touchdowns with six interceptions. He also ran for 336 yards on just 38 attempts for an average of 8.8 yards per carry to go along with two rushing touchdowns.

Just for any lions fans who didn't see this on the main message board. It appears you'll have DD as starter for another year.

I can Live with that.

Good Luck Casey.... don't blame him for trying to play in his homeland.... but we can all live with it.. keeps the game exciting. G0 BUCK!!!!!

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Don't let the door hit you on the way out Hot Dog. Casey was and still is nothing but a pro athelete with a swelled head.

GO DAVE!!!!!!!

i have been praying that he would be back in bc next season.the riders need a qb bad who is your 3rd string?well take him what do you want for your 3rd?

Buck Pierce is their 3rd string, and I can't see BC getting rid of him.....

They'd probably get rid of DD before Pierce, because of his age and how prone he is to injury.

Jarius Jackson is third string now with Printers gone. Pierce will be 2nd string behind DD. Even those three QBs are talented so I’m not too worried about the Lions QB situation.

Well best thing is that Casey did not string along the Lions, we now know where we stand on the QB issue and the Lions can just move forward on what changes need to be made for the season.... BP & JJ will get valued mentoring from DD. So lets look at the other pieces that need work.

Buck is NOW our second string....Go Buck Go!

Passing the buck again I see!

Tweeeeeet.....Flag him for bad puns. jm02...wheres the detention room?

What Lions need is an improved Oline to protect DD. We all know that Dave holds on the the football a little to long to make a play. So the Lions should focus on spending some money on making the line stronger. This should help keep DD on the field and not on the sideline
which really has not happen for the last three years GO Lions GO DD

Lets also remember who had the Lions @ 11- 0 before he got hurt

That's the problem...before he got hurt. When was the last time Dickenson actually played an entire season? He's too old, and too injury prone. We need a QB who can take the hits, not one who gets hit, and then is out for 6 or more weeks.

Well, we have to live with Dave now. The O-line must improve and protect him. We must also develop Buck Pierce and / or Jarious Jackson.

Good point but when was the last time we had a strong Oline that could protect the QB? Bottom line DD needs to throw the ball sooner and we need to improve the O line.

I agree with both points. Problem is, who on the O-line should go?

Mantyka and Elewonibi

How soon you folks forget! This kid Printers did a great job while he was here. I never saw him do anything wrong, but take a lot of the dumb ass coaches and WIN for this team. He may have said 1 or two things he shouldn't have, but under the circumstances it was understandable. So, if you feel Printers was rubbish, then what is DD?