Printers Will Wait

Yeah, his options are kind of limited (nonexistent) considering no one wants him right now. :lol:

its a stretch to say no one wants him right now. i think maybe no one wants him currently as the starter out of the gates, but im sure teams would like to have him as a second qb to start with. nice break down of his season. its true he did rush quite a few. a lot can be said about the defence in hamilton not holding the other teams as well.

I dont know, I really have a hard time believing that NOBODY wants him a little bit...

Where are you getting that?

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But despite not having an experienced backup QB, the Als appear to be the least interested of all the league's eight teams. It has been suggested that Als GM Jim Popp may not have forgotten that day in 2007 when he thought Printers was on his way to Montreal but did not get on the flight, only to land a day later in Hamilton.

…oh i’m just reading something into the tsn.story where they said the likely place for Printers would be the Als…I agree kind of weak…HOWEVER…you may escape Printers ro13…as it is now being rumoured by the Sun…sorry don’t have the clip…that the Bombers are indeed going to evaluate Casey at the Bomber qb. camp …Apparently we have sent him air fare…( although i don’t know why…i believe he can afford his own)…rumours …rumours …rumours…regarding Casey…we’ll see if he ‘shows-up’ :lol: :wink:

Some teams may want his abilities from the 2004 season. However that comes with a lot of baggage which NOBODy wants.

Maybe, but why teams like my Argos, the BB and the Riders, who are all weak at the positions, would not want to bring him in to camp on a wait and see basis is beyond me. Unless of course there is negotiations right now that we are not privy to?

It all depends on how you look at it I suppose.

From the perspective of Casey Printers, Saskatchewan would be preferred destination of the three. Good receiving corps to throw to, a strong offensive line to protect him, and no established #1 QB there at this time. Winnipeg would be second choice, again a good receiving corps to throw to, again no established #1 QB in place, but a bit questionable on the O-line with all the F/A losses and bringing in of Carpenter as O-line coach, a role he was very unsuccessful with in Montreal in 2007. Toronto would be last choice, with a very green coaching staff, weak receiving corps, and an established starter already in place in Kerry Joseph.

From the teams' perspectives, I don't think Toronto would have much interest....they just went through a season when they learned first hand what a QB controversy does, and I doubt very much they want to go through that again. But on the other hand, the Argos do have a tradition of bringing in high priced big names regardless of their worth. Winnipeg appears now to have some interest, how well Printers and wild man Kelly would get along would be fun to watch. Saskatchewan I think for reasons stated above should have interest, but it appears they have none. Ain't the CFL wonderful?

Maybe those other teams want to try what they have right now. Saskatchewan and Winnipeg may not have proven QBs, but they have young guys who could be stars in Durant and LeFors.

…Kelly and Casey on the sidelines together…BOOM…’ talk about when personas collide’…Sure would be interesting MadJack…I can see a recipe for disaster…BUT on the other hand ‘IF’ they could ever get it together…‘dynamite’…heh heh…Of course you know, that for this to transpire, …Casey has to ,firstly, SHOW-UP…(minus the baggage)and Kelly has to make up his mind…is he interested or not??? :wink: … :lol: