Printers Will Wait

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...Casey Printers says he is prepared to sit and wait through training camp and into the regular season for the right situation for his client.
Guess he is waiting for Ottawa to come back in the league, if that would even be a fit.

He'll get a call as some team goes 3 games without a passing td and starts to panic, mark my words. I think I'd do the same if I was in his situation.

I'd think it would be the other way around. Teams waiting for him to give his head a shake and ditch his ego. He can wait as long as he wants but unless his personality changes, he'll be waiting until after Ottawa comes back into the league.

I agree with Earl. It'll either be the first team to panic or the first team to suffer an injury, small or otherwise, at QB. Guess we play the waiting game now...

I can't wait to see him back at the top of his game.

i have always enjoyed printers as a qb. i think he still has someting left. i hope to see him return to the cfl. hopefully with winnipeg.

Yes..... ho[p]efully with Winnipeg....

Printers working out for Bombers?

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....seems he could be heading to Montreal according to tsn....I wonder if he'll leave Popp standing at the airport door like he did the last time...heh heh...This guy and his agent are real 'headcases'.... :lol:

you guys have something against Ottawa?

i have nothing against ottawa, and everything for ottawa. i honestly feel printers would be a good idea for the team, but not the city. the city is going to need football players that will want to embrace(guys like burris and austin). i woul dfear that printers would alienate the fans before they even went to the games. how about jackson out of bc, or mass out of edmonton? just to get started kind of thing.

I can see Printers waiting by the phone for a long time!

his attitude needs to change before he'll get a serious look!

nobody wants a "Me Me Me!" kind of guy.. they want a team player.

Maas may well be done his career by the time Ottawa gets back, which would be too bad - he seems like a great guy, and he's a good QB too.

I think CanuckKev is right, by the time Ottawa fields a team Maas’ career will be over. I am not sold on Jackson as a starter, so if I was running the Ottawa team in an expansion draft I’d be looking at the backups in Calgary (Nealy, Proctor) who I think could be real sleepers…or some of the surplus backups in Montreal (Leak, Santos, MacPherson).

Didn't he have more passing touchdowns for the oppositions defence than he did for his offence last year?

You could be waiting a long time! :lol:

I was waiting to see how long it would take somebody to say that. It was set up so well! :lol:

I think all the hulabaloo about Casey being a cancer or an egotist are overblown. He was a model citizen in his first two seasons in BC. You couldn't meet a nicer young man. But that all changed Grey Cup weekend when he won the Most Outstanding Player award...and then was benched for the championship game after starting the previous 15 games, winning 13 of them.

Sure there was trouble in 2005, but most of the supposed QB controversy was just a media creation...and Casey's agent/uncle didn't help things by making outlandish statements in the press...and apparently sending Wally faxes after games about why Casey wasn't playing or plays he thought they should call.

Casey was in the NFL for one season, then signed for the biggest contract in the CFL when he returned. That has the result of pumping up your ego a bit. Sure he was cocky and boastful in Hamilton, which rubbed some people the wrong way. But unfortunately he was suffering from a hamstring injury when he came back and had little mobility. It took until halfway through 2008 until he had healed up, but by then he had lost his starting position.

Also the hulabaloo in the media about Casey not throwing many td passes last season is a little misleading. In his first six games, Casey rushed for 6 tds...J. Lumsden chipped in for 5 tds (incl a 57 and 43 yarder)...T. Caulley added had a couple more and T. Smith also had a 75 yd td in the first few games. There was little opportunity for Casey to throw td passes in those games.

He seemed like a guy that was just pressing too hard last season. He just needs to relax and play the game like he's back on the sandlot. Perhaps he has eaten his humble pie and is willing to become a team player again, rather than being the leader and centrepiece.

He has the talent to become a top 3 QB in this league, and maybe the best...but he may have to wait for an injury to a starter to get another opportunity.

I actually think waiting it out may be his best option right now.

By best option don't you mean only option? :stuck_out_tongue: