Printers will ask to be traded

This is my prediction as there does not seem to be any hope coming from anywhere :


Offensive co-ordinator has stunk as has the coach. NO IMAGINATION . i CAN'T RECALL A GOOD PLAY RUN.
Caoch and GM hae no idea how to use the ratio ( using an american at fullback and kicker )
the GM is not bringing in any quality recievers ( going with 3 canadian starters )
There are no proven go to recievers with the exception of say Armstead .
The O-line is not protecting anyone .
The team is being run more Mickey Mouse org . Peyton Manning would look like a 3rd stringer in this offence

Also how hard is it to finda decent american rush end or reciever anyway . I mean all the other teams have .

O-line needs work, I, among others have said this for weeks. In my opinion, what they need to do (for next season) is rebuild the office around Casey. Move the pocket more often to buy him time and make up for the poor O-line. Throw the ball long a little more often. the one time they did in the game, I was blown away by Casey's arm. And, after teaching the receivers to catch, teach them to get that 1 extra yard to ensure we get a 1st down.

I think Printers knows that the team is a work in progress. He'll be patient. If the team is still 1-10 at this time next year, look for the trade request.

Yes, let’s get to game two.


I would have to agree with this logic. Even though Printers was all "get your chips and nachos ready" when he was signed you can see in the game preview video that he didn't have near the same confidence about things. He knows it will take time and as long as this team is truly his (which it is) he will have patience. His issue in BC wasn't wins or losses based.. it was an I get us here and Dickenson get to play the big game kinda thing.

You can be sure that Printers will be consulted on potential signings and whether some current players stay as starters. Not that they will give him the run of things but I think his comfort with guys is very important to the coaches and other football operations staff.

Casey has a big ego. When this team finally turns it around he wants the pat on the back. He came here to show everyone he is the man and no matter where he is he can get it done.

He knew exactly what he was getting into when he signed here. Who is going to trade for a QB that is getting paid $500,000 a year??

Cue in McMahon:

"The NEW Ottawa Renegades! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:"

Ah yes, BG, details!

Printers, barring injury, would outlast even Taaffe in a disaster scenario -- and Charlie is way safe at the moment, I believe. 26-year-old former MOPs have a much longer shelf-life than most other QBs. The team will have to find the OC-passing game consultant to help Charlie if need be utilize the talents of the offense (such as it is) and Casey better.

Oski Wee Wee,

Printers will be fine. It's the surrounding cast that has severe limitations. If he doesn't have ulcers now, he will have. The D gives up 30+ points a game so his offence will to score almost 40 to win games.

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Or maybe if his offence could score some points, his D wouldn't be exhausted and give up so many points. :wink: What came first, the chicken or the egg??

Exactly. He can ask for a trade, but we're paying him too much for anyone's cap space. So, we showed him. Ha!


Shore up the defense and we can still win with mediocre offense.

What came before the egg?

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Stupid post of the year.

Not even close. :smiley:

re- gerbear- Blaming everything Canadian on the teams state is so Typical,Fact is Printers $%& AND its the Armature NCAA level coaching as well :cowboy: