Man this team is a joke

They can't go in this season with this recieving corps
defensive line
linebacking corps

You heard it hear first ....

taffe will be gone after they go 0 - 5 and the OBIE will take over and at soem point PRINTERS will get fed up and ask to be traded bu they catch is he is overpaid and most teams are pretty content at QB .
I imagine Montreal would consider him

here is a good question .

Name 3 players that have been brought in this year that other teams might want ?

yeah tough ...maybe Miles

Get off the ledge.

and the winner for the dumbest week 1 thread is...



ofcourse, it was ME doing the

Are we drudging up things to b**** about that haven't even happened yet? Things that probably won't happen?

if they go 0-6, printers probably wont be worth anything.

However, I can see this team starting off 0-6, then going 5-7 to finish well and give good reason for hope next yr, providing fans, coaches and media dont bail on them.

Wow! love your optimism.

I can pretty much guarantee Hamilton will go at least 0-4 to start the season. Look who they play in the coming weeks.


They have a fighting chance against Edmonton, but give Edmonton credit for playing with Saskatchewan for 3 quarters. 0-5 is Definitely a possibility.

get off the that one.
well this year and next year to keep the grey cup winning streak alive...the only part of the team game that looked good to me was the kicking game...and that little fireball kick returner/lumsden backup.

Yeah we may go 0-4 or 0-5 but I wouldn't be to quick to say that both Joseph and Bishop were horrible against Winnipeg and how long do you trust Crandell?

Did he tell you that?? I love people who make these kind of predictions with ZERO to substantiate them.

And help me out, what team is looking for a $500,000 QB to back-up what they already have?

And to answer your question about 3 new players other teams would be interested in
Knowlton had a 14 tackle evening
Tre Smith looked pretty exciting
Woodcock looks to be healthy and ready to rock again…Wally Zatylny part 2
and to throw a 4th Scott Mitchell looks like a beast!

If the Cats start badly again ( like 0-5) there will be serious attendance issues that Bob Young's wizards will not be able to address with marketing schemes. Less gate = less money = turmoil = start over?

Let's hope they get a "W" real soon.

true, love the cats but I think I'm flogging a dead horse. Mitchel does look good ..still need o and d lines to work.
Printers gets no time on the snap, compaired to Montreal last week.
Lets hope it was a bad night..they have the tools to win...they just need more agression and effort on the lines.
If not.. poor Bob Young's great efforts won'tkeep em coming out.

I am sure Argos would be interested in Printers :cry:
Would not surprise me a bit.

I agree with you that OB will be doing double duty very soon if they do not win.

This thread is a non-starter.

Oski Wee Wee,

I guess Casey won't be asking for a trade now eh!!!!!! since we slapped the blue team around like a red headed step sister!!!!!ahhhh yeah!!!!!

Especially today. ROTFLMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

hey gerbear9 I guess this thread is dead eh!!!