Printers wants to return to Lions

Speaking publicly for the first time since his release from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, quarterback Casey Printers was making his case for a return to football in the CFL, specifically in British Columbia.

The former Lions pivot spoke to TSN analyst Glen Suitor on Vancouver radio station Team 1040 Wednesday, and shared his desire to return to the Leos' squad in any capacity.

''The best time of my football career, whether it be high school or pro, was when I was in B.C.,'' said Printers. ''When we came in every day after losses (and) after injuries, we picked each other up, we were great to each other and we had an outstanding time in that locker room.''

Printers played three seasons with the Lions from 2003-05 before leaving for the NFL. He returned to the CFL with the Tiger-Cats in 2007 amid much fanfare but struggled through two seasons before being released at the end of last season.

''When you're around a bunch of Lions, you act like a Lion,'' Printers said. ''Wally (Buono) and his staff have a mentality of winning every single game. There's not a mentality of well maybe - we're going to win if you're onboard.''

This past February, Lions head coach and general manager Wally Buono said he would be willing to listen to Printers' interests in returning to the club, but insisted that it didn't mean he was interested in signing the former Most Outstanding Player.

"We've made commitments to our quarterbacks that I am very comfortable with," Buono said at the time. "Listening to anyone else doesn't change that."

The current quarterback duo for the Lions is Buck Pierce and Jarious Jackson.

But Printers told Suitor that he was prepared to play any role with the Lions, should they show interest in his services.

''I will support any guy that's playing in front of me as I did in Hamilton,'' said Printers. ''It's about the big picture – winning. There is nothing more important and it doesn't matter if I'm playing, if I'm a spectator, or if I'm watching from the sidelines; winning is the most important thing.

''I'm all about helping a team win and if I can do that in any capacity, then that's what I'm going to do.''

The Texas native attended a Winnipeg Blue Bombers free agent camp in Florida this past April but no offer was made by the club

He is nowhere near the same player he was during his MOP season. His attitude has gotten worse and he can't throw the short, medium or long ball.

I don't think anyone wants to put up with his shananagans.

Maybe he should stick to motivational speaking.

I'm not sure whether he deserves all the criticism he has received, but it seems like he can't avoid putting his foot in his mouth.