Printers VS Williams.

so far, having played about the same amount, williams is beating printers in every catagory.

Guess who has a whopping 60 pass rating so far.

Totally impressive, ehh

Richie is nowhere near being as talented and polished as Casey. I hope he develops in time, but at this moment, Richie has shown that he is not ready from prime time. I'm hoping, but time will tell.

Printers came in and was thrown to the wolves in a completely unfamiliar environment and very little preparation for his first game and not much more for his second..

Williams has been around a couple of years.

Let's compare havles fo this game.

Printers 124 yds and 17 points
Williams 69 yds and 6 points.

We were in the game with Printers at the helm. Richie was ineffective. When we lost Printers, we lost the game.

Oh please, don't start this again. Printers has outperformed Williams, period. Richie is a decent backup. I hope he gets to be a starter one day. He has worked hard and has always played well. But there is no qb controversy here, so quit trying to stir one up.

FYB, I'm sick of you running your mouth. What kind of vendetta have you got towards Printers? GIVE IT UP MAN! Did you watch the game yesterday? Did you compare the stats yesterday; you seem to be a big stats guy.

Printers played very well yesterday. I'm sorry he got injured, but he is clearly the qb of this team now.

Speaking of lame are your Lions QB's doing? Any of them off their crutches yet? Who starts next week, the water boy?'

Oh, and what you said about Caulley last week...How do you like him now? Have you removed your foot from your mouth yet?

Keep your BITTER A$$ outta here!


Ticats were in the game until Printers tweaked his back.
We are set at QB, running backs, kicker and receivers for next year. The only problem is the DBs and special teams.

Stick to your own teams forum, oh wait, no one actually posts on it!

You can’t even find B.C. fans when your team is in first place, I’d hate to see what it is like when the team isn’t …

  • paul

people are funny.

We desperately needed a solid QB and everyone complained.

Now we have two decent QB's and now we have to argue who is better?

Lets just be happy we have this position taken care of and worry about other positions that need some fine tuning.

go cats go

The Coach calls the plays, - the playybook??? got very conservative after Williams got in the game. imo

Is that a joke?

Who's arguing?

It's only a BC fan coming over here and trolling, that's all..

If anything, this thread brings to light Printers' abilitites in the short time that he's been here. Reason for encouragment.

Printers VS Will Smith, sorry I meant Richard Williams. There isnt any question there.They do look good together!Keep them together!

I was gonna post something then I read THIS post.

and decided I couldn’t have said it ANY better myself!!

Thanks n.a.b

tsk tsk, such anger. And why? Because I dare to be critical of Caulley and prefer Williams to Printers? Is there a law that says I have to worship Printers along with everybody else? You got issues if you get so insulting angry for this reason.

This should have become Williams team. He is the one who should have been starting the rest of the season, as long as he stayed healthy. It is my opinion that he would by next yr be better than Printers will. Is it such a crime for me to have that opinion because you do not? Do I need to ask your opinion to post any dissenting opinions here??

Caulley did look better last game to me, but nothing spectacular. No foot in my mouth at all.

And I never said anything about injuries so whats with bringing it up, as if BC injuries have anything to do with this topic.

Talk about being bitter, it must kill you to see the Lions keep winning no matter what.

Do you honestly expect to come here as a Lions fan, criticize our team and players and not be attacked a little?

If you're going to come on our turf and lay down crap then you better expect some of it to get rubbed in your face.

I have not been critical of the team, just two players. Have you never been critical of any ticat players??

Nope. Look through my posts if you like..

BTW.. have you ever seen me on the Lions forum running down your players? NO.

I just don't understand how you can evoke such thoughts (and wrong thoughts at that) over players on a team you don't even cheer for.

Say what you want on this forum but don't act surprised or like the innocent one when people get on you about it.

I expect people to exchange inteligent civil opinion, not get angry cause they dont like my opinion, but I didnt say I was surprised or innocent.

A lot of ticat fans have been dissing a lot of players, such as Maas. Do you say that only ticats fans have that right? I cheer for the ticats more often than not, and it pisses me off when I think certain players or coaches underperform, just as any ticat fan. I was very much cheering for the Cats in the last two games, and thats why I posted my criticism.

I am also one of the first to defend the TEAM against those so called ticat fans that keep talking about writing them off, not going to anymore games, etc.

No, you can be critical of whoever you please. However, ever since Printers was signed that's all you post is anti-Printers messages. You know what you've posted. As for Caulley, you ran him down and were very insulting to him when he played a great game last week. He followed it up with another strong showing this week. Of course you don't have to worship Casey. Believe me, this is Hamilton - if he stinks it out fans will have his head. But give him a chance. Thats' all.

In this post you're right - you said nothing about injuries. But I do read most of the posts on this forum. In another post you did say something to the tune of Printers running for the locker room with a lame injury excuse. That's laughable because he was shredding the defense. Anyway I didn't respond to that post but then I came across this topic, and like I said, I got sick of it.

And for the record I really don't care what BC does. I have no problem with the Lions. I think they're a very good team.

Printers is way better but he looks too muscle bound or something, like he is just wound way too tight. Maybe a little less on the weights and a little more on the flexibility. Muscle is good but I think he needs to be a little more loose.

In another post you did say something to the tune of Printers running for the locker room with a lame injury excuse.
no I didnt.

perhaps you are talking about this

Clearly printers leg is not anywhere close to 100%. Either he is a selfish prick who has lied to coaches about how his leg is, or the coaches are complete retarded idiots to have started this wounded lame duck.
wounded lame duck is not the same as lame injury. Lame injury means a not serious or real injury. Wounded lame duck means too injured to play. Here I was saying that he looked too injured to play and either him or the coach is wrong to have him on the field at this time, and this was in discussion regarding 3 games ago, which was when I also gave my original opinion of Caulley. I still dont see how this has anything to do with the lions as you mentioned??