Printers Using Cell Phone

Casey Printers was shown using a Cell Phone while Dickenson was counting how many stars there are in the Big DIpper....seeming totally oblivious to his team mates plight.....Really Classeless Gesture by Printers...

.Rumors are abound on what exactly he was saying on his cell report says, he was over heard talking to his agent and Screaming the Words "SHOW ME THE MONEY"

All kidding aside.. I hope Dave is not seriously injured and wish him a speedy recovery

GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's what I was thinking: when I saw him on the phone, I said "He's talking to his agent, telling him, 'Hey, my stock just went up.' "

I didn't like that one bit. People are talking about the Ticats trying to get I hope they DON'T! Even this not practicing BS is probably just his (or his agent's) way of holding out. He's showing that he'll do whatever it takes, even if it hurts the team, to improve his own situation. Let him go hold a clipboard in the NFL; we don't need that attitude up here.

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I never liked the guy

I really don't like his attitude, i agree with bigdave. Go down to the nfl and hold a clipboard.

Now you guys are seeing what Lions fans have to put up with in Printers. Most of his bad press is because of his moron agent / uncle.

Printers was calling me to tell me that he's such a dumbass for not taking the 3 yr, $1 million deal.

As a guess he's probably pissed Buono off and Buck is our new backup QB. Since Printers isn't making the big bucks then we don't need to play him.
That's probably the case with Ray in Edm, he's making $460k so he's gotta play every down even if the Esks are losing or winning big. Esks want their money's worth.

I think Printers should be traded for a kicker or the Lions will be in a lot of trouble in the playoffs.....O'Mahoney......what a dud...I think he may be even worse than Westwood.... :idea:

We knew printers was a bad apple before, but not this confirms it!

No no no. BigDave and Dentor have it all wrong. Printers was on the phone so he "could save a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to Geico" :lol:

Seriously tho, talking to someone on a cell phone while on the sideline is definitely in poor taste. It shows a total lack of respect to the team. I don't think Wally's going to have him around for much longer.

Its really Sad too ...cus he is so talented....I think alot of it has to do with his frustration of never playing while Dickenson is heallthy

mabe he wants a his agent to ask for more money, or maybe he was voting for the player of the game!

But in all seriousness he should have at least tried to look like he cared.

I figure he was calling his agent to say that his shoulder all of a sudden feals a lot better and he is pretty sure he can start practising on Monday.

Go Riders!!

P.S. Does anyone know who blocked the kick this time? I know McAlla returned it, but who got in front?

Macalla, Morgan and I think it was Gordon were all there on time so its anyones guess.

I Believe it was Fred Perry..but unconfirmed ATM

On the stats I saw this morning it had a blocked field goal under Perry's name.

Who still wants Printers as there starting QB?

The Argos need a 1-2 punch at QuarterBack so we should go after Printers.The Pinball will make him towe the line!.We need a good backup for Allen!.

Printers probably wouldn't play backup, its one of the reasons he wants out of BC.