Printers trade imminent ?

As per

Bellefeuille has given first reps to Quinton Porter in preparation for this weekends game. While he is non commital as who will start. Bellefeuille states that all 3 QB's are able and ready to play.

Folks this team has already missed one day of practice this week with the firing of Taafe and now Bellefeuille gives first reps to Porter.

Expect Printers to be traded sometime between Next monday and next friday

I thought something was in the works when they aquired a 4th qb and also by the way Marcel talked about Printers at the conference.

I will not lose any sleep over this one.

I'm thinking Printers to BC for Jackson and Jhimenez or something like that.

Me either - Sadly enough Casey has been a huge bust. For reasons unbeknownst, he just can not adjust or read any of the denfensive schemcs or gine any impression his head is in this thing.

If you want my 2 cents worth - gas him - he is definately not worth the money and on performance alone - he has been and will continue to be pathetic.

Seriously - go invest in some tinfoil hats...

Sold out. Bob Young bought them all

The major flaw in this plan is that Printers is THE highest paid player in the league. What team has enough room to take on his salary?

...and to the person who suggested he's going to BC, that's just crazy. Printers doesn't want to go back there after getting benched for the Grey Cup. I'm sure he's got lots of hard feelings towards Buono and the Lions organization.

why would the new qb be there if printer was not gone

Well time heals all wounds especialy when you get to taste something else. I don't know that Vancouver would trade for him. Here is my reasoning.

Edmonton and Montreal don't need him.
Saskatchewan can't afford him.
Toronto: Would the Ticats trade him to their biggest rivals now led by Don Matthews? I can see Toronto doing it but Hamilton? Oh wait strike that....
Calgary: Printers and Burris could be twins, no point.

Really BC,Toronto and Winnipeg would be the only possibles. BC to me seems more likely.

Jackson blows, no way I'd want him.

It would have to be either Wake or Banks

1-Most of his deal was paid up front.
2- Players coming back would be talented therefore...

Printers 300k a year (rest was paid up front
Jackson 200k + Jhimenez 100k

Can be done

Sigpig - Go invest in a cup of common sence -
Printers is done like dinner. However, only he can prove me wrong in the next 8 games. I hope he does!!!!

That would be a horrible trade, Jackson misses so many receivers each game and doesn't have great down field vision, He locks onto his receivers and his accuracy is about the same as Josephs.

He can't even get it done with the stacked line up in BC, he'd probably look 50 times as brutal here.

Might be Pierce and Wake or Johnatan Brown and Weaton or any combination. Maybe Ticats are going with Richie and Porter and will fill other roster spots. I don't know what Printers value would be. In the CFL it seems to be whatever someone is willing to pay at the moment.

…how about Printers for Canada…sorry…i know i’m cruel :thdn:

This is a joke right.

Printers has very little trade value right now. Why would BC want him? Buck Pierce has looked pretty good the last 2 weeks.

If he does get traded we're going to less for him than we could have for Moreno.

I don't know what his value is. Considering the two coordinators he's had in Hamilton. I would think someone will be interested.

Please, point out where this info is on, HfxTC

I was at practice.

If Quinton Porter took any
1st team reps I missed them,

but I sure saw Casey in there
both of the last two days.

Maybe Marcel believes in giving
all three QBs 1st string reps.


Re: the 4th QB, + the 2 DLs

it's expanded roster time.

ron, were there two new dl's in practice today? if so, any idea who they were?