Printers to the NFL

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With an NCAA championship, school records and a brilliant Rose Bowl performance under his belt, University of Texas quarterback Vince Young is leaving his college highlight reel behind him and heading to the NFL.

The Kansas City Chiefs are hoping that another quarterback from the heart of Texas, Casey Printers, does the same.

"Did you see what Vince Young did in the Rose Bowl?" asks Chiefs scout Jim Criner, referring to Young's leading the Longhorns to an upset win over USC.

"Casey is like Vince Young. He's got a tremendously strong arm, tremendous athleticism, all the physical tools. The thing we don't know is whether he's got the mental tools. But to be honest, talking to the people at British Columbia, they've all given the kid high marks for his ability to learn and retain."

Printers' agent, Jason Medlock, says the 24-year-old quarterback will decide later this week whether to return to the CFL and accept an offer from B.C. Lions GM Wally Buono or sign with the Chiefs or Detroit Lions in a developmental role.

Criner, who scouts the CFL for the Chiefs and recommended Kansas City's signing of former Calgary wide receiver Marc Boerigter, is confident about Printers' ability to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, based on his rapid development in B.C.

"Casey's got to give himself an opportunity to learn the system," Criner says. "I would point to the Cincinnati Bengals as an ideal situation for Casey Printers. When [coach] Marvin Lewis went in there, he didn't throw his young quarterback [Carson Palmer] to the wolves. He was smart enough to put [veteran] Jon Kitna in to lead the team while Palmer was learning the system. Let him graduate to No. 1 when he's earned his stripes."

Printers worked out in Kansas City in December under the eye of Chiefs president Carl Peterson, VP of football operations Lynn Stiles, VP of pro personnel Bill Kuharich, the entire player personnel department and eight coaches.

"He had an outstanding workout for us," Criner said. "I've been pushing Casey with our people for two years."

Former NFL journeyman quarterback Steve DeBerg, who played four seasons in Kansas City, has been working with Printers to fine-tune the young quarterback's skills, and DeBerg's recommendation carries considerable weight with the Chiefs' front office. Stiles coached DeBerg at San Jose State in the late 1970s.

The Chiefs, who announced the signing of Herman Edwards as their new head coach Monday, have three quarterbacks -- Trent Green, Todd Collins and Damon Huard -- all in their mid-30s.

Detroit is also searching for a new head coach, which makes Printers' signing considerably lower on the priority list. In a reconstruction phase, the NFL Lions are likely to release veteran QB Jeff Garcia and rework the contract or trade starter Joey Harrington, but the list of capable free-agent quarterbacks is thin and Printers could rank as a catch.

Buono said he last talked with Medlock on Thursday when the agent "mentioned some hurdles to overcome" with the NFL that could result in Printers returning to the CFL.

"Honestly, I'm trying to get a sense of what Casey wants to do, but who knows?" Buono said. "They're weighing all their options. Whatever he decides to do, it's a good option."

Buono said there is no definitive deadline for Printers to respond to the club's latest contract offer.

I wonder what DD thinks of all of this? :twisted:

...I would have to believe there are going to be a lot of po'd season ticket holders in lotus land if Casey dosen't return .....maybe D.D. will have to pretend all is well and will want to remain in B.C. after the smoke clears....or ask to be traded....could get very interesting for Wally and the gang... :roll:

I wouldn't be surprised that if Printers doesn't return to BC, that this will actually make the Lions a better team next year. Yes, fans will be upset but once the season starts, I think you will see the Lions winning again and this time no qb controversy. Just my opinion.

The Dave and Buck show. We will be okay if that scenerio plays out.

....more like the Buck show Dave seems to have a problem with injuries of late.....of course if they had an 'O' line.....maybe Sask. would part with a couple of their o-line guys....for say home-grown star Jason Clermont....just a suggestion ... :wink:

this article was correct.

It will be great for it to work if it does! Tom Clements here worked, Joe Theisman & Warren Moon & Doug Flutie are the only ones who have done great. They stared here and down south. Ricky Ray did not get a chance and Garcia is not doing it down there like up here so the future for Casey say’s see you back before 3 years are up but good luck in the mean time :roll:

That was to be expected. Good luck to him !

Dickenson is fine. Heard him on the radio this morning, He's all ready to meet with the offensive coaches to start planning the new season.

The money put aside to sign Printers will now go for an Offensive Lineman!

Any free agents want to leave Regina for the Beautiful West Coast? :wink:

Too bad for the CFL. I know there's nothing that can compete with the allure fo the NFL, but bigger salaries and greater tv coverage in the US would help the CFL keep talented players here. I have this vision of the CFL as an elite football league...I know, I'm just dreaming. Printers is joining former Renegades kicker Lawarence Tynes. Good look Casey!

Too bad CFL teams can't trade with NFL ones. That way the Lions could get something out of losing C.Printers to KC.

I don't know if anybody remembers all the public complaining that was going on, from the CFL teams before the CFL and NFL renewed their agreement that allows players to go south in their option year.
Its been strangely quiet ever since the new agreement was renewed and on the surface everything seems to be the same. However all the teams seem to have more money to spend this past year. I can't remember so many players having their contracts extended during and after the season, and they wouldn't be signing for less. Maybe its just a coincidence. :lol:

Rumour has it that the league Governors are working on a salary cap structure that is reasonable to work with. That speculation might have got some teams to be assertive and sign their free agents before they go on the market in February.

I must say...having watched Football for many years as all of you on this forum have, The age of a quarterback really doesn't matter when it comes to a poor OL. A hit is a hit...bones are bones, ligamnets are ligaments.

But....conditioning is conditioning! A hit to the knee of a 23 Y/O will probably do the same damage as a hit to the knee of a 33 Y/O. should have a talk with Khari Jones about a good o line....the last years as a Bomber....he had pathetic protection....which hastened his was to his credit that he withstood the helacious hits he far as the Leos poor Oline goes... I think you would get good agreement to the fact it cost them big-time in 05... :arrow: