Printers to the NFL?

What's with the rumour that Printers is going back to the NFL? It's gotta be 'cause he's worthless!

Check out the Ticat forum and its pretty clear that Bellefeuille wants Porter as his starter and Obilovich has stated that Printers needs to take a paycut and they've tried to trade him so like any man who knows he's going to be looking for work, he's looking at all his options and his agent will try his best to give himself some wiggle room.

After seeing his NFL work on one of those NFL training camp shows (Hard Knocks I think they called it) I don't know if he'd have too much of a shot without another MOP season behind him.

Seems like a waste of time. Seriously who would even consider trading for Printers given his contract?

Argo's might.

Brendan Taman and the Bombers might, it would give him a reason to fire the Head Coach in two years.

Or the first team to lose a starter, the back up, the third stringer, the practice roster QB, The advanced Scouting QB, the water boy........

i'm surprised he isn't going with porter, think he could be very effective based on what i saw last year

I don’t think you will see anybody pick up Printers. I can only see him going to Montreal to learn under AC.

He’s a distraction and a terrible locker room guy. A lot of players (JoJuan Armour) refuse to talk about Printers in the locker room. Apparently when he got to Hamilton he basically told them that they sucked and he was going to be the saviour. That basically split the locker room.

Printers is very overrated. I was very excited to get him here in Hamilton. I thought that he was going to come in here as the saviour and he turned out to be injury prone and forgot how to throw the ball.

If you can get him for less than $100K, then sign him as a back up to learn from an experienced vet but make sure that he has a better attitude.

I think that’s more of his problem. Just come to work, do your job, get along with your workmates and you’ll be fine. I think had taken the wrong approach with the Ticats.

He dominated 1 year in the CFL then got injury prone, tried to make it with the Chiefs and couldn’t even be their 3rd string QB, they only went with 2 QBs on the roster.

If you are good or have the potential to be good, someone will put you on their practice roster in the NFL. You can’t burn bridges.

I think the Bob Ackles book perfectly portrays what Casey is. I always thought that he should have started the 04 Grey Cup and still do. I can see why they didn’t want him to start. When I first read Bob’s book, I didn’t believe the stuff that was said about Casey. Not one bit. Once here in Hamilton, and I saw first hand, the junk that he puts everyone through, I can see why BC didn’t care if he left.

I honestly say that I would rather have a harmonious locker room than have 1 guy who splits it. No matter how good he is, it tears your team apart.

I am interested in how TO will do with my Bills. I think it will be a 1 year and gone situation. I don’t mind that. His first year with the Eagles and Boys went off without a hitch. This guys a top receiver in the league but just tears dressing rooms apart. Sounds familiar with Printers.

I like Casey, I have met him, chatted with him for a bit, got a picture with him, etc. But I don’t know what he’s like in the locker room and I can see on the field that maybe he’s not too well liked.

Casey is also injury prone. Can’t stay healthy.

I don’t think Printers will go to the NFL. He’s 27/28 now and that’s old for a non-NFL-veteran QB. You can get an undrafted rookie for half the price you would pay Printers.

Printers will get picked up by somebody just before camp starts. Teams will need extra bodies at camp. His contract won’t be huge but someone might take a gamble.

I don’t understand why SSK or WPG aren’t taking a bit of a peak at him. Neither has a bonified starter or a guy who is so promising that they are going to use him.

Incentive based contracts are all CP is going to get…just not in the NFL.

why not?

because uninformed man.

The Riders have a guy who if given the reigns and has the confidence of his coaches and players, can be a good QB

why the hell would you want to bring in a guy who's a problem in the dressing room, injury prone and can't prove Jack?

Printers to the NFL? Seriously...? DIdn't he try that once already? :lol: I like what someone said in another topic. The first team to lose a QB will probably sign him.