Printers to start Saturday?

Ha Ha!

Why not?

I couldn't resist.....hey why not ,one day to learn the play book ,one day to practice and wing it!

Whats to lose?

Well he is in shape I'd just be scared that he'd call a play from the Kansas City playbook instead of ours. Actually that might work better?

well i'm glad this is a joke. He'll know what? maybe 3 plays by then and will have put in 10 seconds of practise time.

As I said a couple of days ago, 2 plays, one on each side, rollouts Flutie style with option to keep the ball, pitch to the half-back or stop and heave it downfield. lol

I guess I played too much sand lot football (with long huddles)

OK, couldn't they give him a brainstorming on the sidelines while the defence is out there and he comes in with a set couple of plays ....?

Not too serious ,but it's better than watching them kick us around again....!

i'd start him just to tell argo management "look who we outbid you clowns for"

Printers in huddle every play:

Ok, here's the play....everybody go deep.....I'll hit the first guy that's open......ready?.....break!


In all seriousness, could he start for the Winnipeg game at home? I assume he would have a limited playbook, but you would think in a week they could get him ready seeing as he's in shape.

printers played high school football so i don't think it'll take him long to learn working's playbook

Can’t you see coach Taafe rolling his eyes at these suggestions?

He cant do any worse than what we have seen so far

He wont play this weekend...I guarantee it... this weekends loss to Toronto will be the final audition for Mass and Chang to see who stays and who goes and gets to be Printers backup for the next 2 1/2 years. I bet Chang stays, Maas asks for trade to Calgary or Edmonton.

I was going to Saturday's game anyway, fully prepared to put up with some abuse from the Argo faithful. I'm sure Printers won't play, but just knowledge that the Cats have a potential bona fide all star at QB should have a bit of a dampening effect on the bravado of the Argo crowd. Now if I only had a Black and Gold Printers jersey...

Emms1: Clowns???
It was the shellacking they gave us last weekend that probably sealed the deal. We should be thanking the A___'s!

Sound observation, mr62, I think you're on to something there.

My thoughts can anyone one say long ball go deep!

Finally we have someone to chuck the pigskin down feild.

lets hope casey can throw the ball and the receivers can run a 50 yard route in 1.6 seconds.

anyone buying tickets to the next cats homegame ( or even this saturdays game ) if printers is starting????

i will!!!!

and now i dont know which jersey to buy...Lumsden or Printers...made harder because printers is here for 3 years and lumsden might be gone after this one.