Printers to start in Regina?

Seen this on the sports news? saying Lulay is hurt? since when he looked fine to me, i think this is the Lions playing games saying Printers is going to start.

Our D has to be ready for both. We've played against Printers before. No excuses shut them down no matter who is QB.

I agree, I really can't see this happening. If that's the case, then I would suggest someone mentioning to Chick to take it easy on the poor guy. He's going to have a rough one.

Either way, we'll be ready for them!

They'll still have to shorten the offensive play book if they start Printers because there's no way he'll have the time to absorb all the nuances of their O this deep in the season, so our D should be well up too the task. When we start throwing our many different looks on the D-line at Printers, he's gonna misread some of that and that's when we'll make him pay!
One of the biggest things we have to worry about with Printers is outside contain, he'll hurt us if we let him run outside on a scramble play. That's his biggest strength and unfortunately that means that Baggs and Chic may have too slow down on inside rush at times.

But all this is meaningless cause Darian and the boyz will be spending most of the game doing Endzone celebrations... :rockin:

This is what sounds true, i live i n BC… They ( the Lions ) say bullcrap about Lulay’s Shoulder i think it is. I think its more having to deal with Wally not trusting Lulay as much as he trusts Printers at this point in the ball game… You all should know how wally is, he doesn’t play rookies unless he has a huge upside or an alternative.

I’m not sure on the canadians vs americans… but this is why i believe buono is playing morris… He’s the running back from the Nanaimo junior team and all the coaches in BC said he’s better than Mallet ( through-out practises, training camp etc. )

Either or I think a Spy would be not a bad idea for Printers or Mallet/Morris - mind you not everyplay, but in some intances

side note:

I’ll be in Regina to soak in the game!! Horray for Cheerleader tickets =) and knowing cheerleaders!
Sorry all but i hope it snows and give me some good winter, none of this rain faux winter crap.


well cobra you guys in BC are sure up on a guy who had some razzle dazzle what 5 seasons ago good on you
I will be at the game saturday but I won't be taking any popcorn or peanuts to choke on when the excitement of our D closing in on pretty boy nough said


that doesn't make sense? then why did he not have Printers in for the Bomber game? Printers is no threat he has not played in so long and does not have any chemistry with any of his team yet, no playing time equals a loss in my books, i call bull on this one i still think Lulay plays in Regina, Lions are bluffing