PRINTERS TO SIGN WITH ARGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"General manager of the Argos Adam Rita has announced that a press conference will be held on Friday announcing that Cory Printers will become an Argo effective this weekend."

He is still under contract with BC

Oh no you don't understand. Cory Printers is our waterboy, no relation to Casey.

I don't want Printers anyway. I'd rather Jason Maas

Contracts can be bought out.

As a Ticat fan, I hope you did hear that from Marty York, and that he was talking about Casey Printers. That's the surest way of guaranteeing that it'll never happen.

WORDS of wisdom from BIG DAVE. :smiley:

I hope that is not true as well that will suck. Ti-cats need to act fast and get a young good qb for next year. Maybe get him now let him play abit to get used to the team so next year they are rollin to the cup


If they sign him they would have to buy out his contract.That would be expensive for the ARGOS.

buy out his contract???? You mean make a trade with BC? Right.
Because unless BC releases him, he is still under contract with BC and no other team can touch him until his contract runs out. it won't most of us think.At least I hope not.

The Argos could care less about the money to sign Printers. What message does this send Allen? I guess they don't care about the fact that Damon is the main reason the Argos win. This is proven MOST times when he is out of the game.... Bishop who???

Printers isn't gonna sign with the Argos. Besides, look at the source of the report. A guy who has about as much credibility as Dalton McGuinty, George W., and the antichrist known as Paul Godfrey put together.

Which, mongo, is still more credibility than either Brian Mulroney, his talentless brat Ben, or Mike Harris could ever hope to have!

Riders All The Way!!

True af4life, can't forget about those 3 jabronis.

And I just had a distubing thought. The Ontario PC leader right now is John Tory, a guy who used to be high up in the Rogers hierarchy. I hope he's not in cahoots with the forementioned Anti-Christ and the "We Own This Town" b@$t@rds at the ACC in bringing an NFL team here.

Don't forget, mongo, John Tory was CFL Commish at one point. I'm pretty sure he's still a CFL backer.

Riders Rule!!

Oh yeah, dang selective memory. I think I must've accidentally inhaled some of the face paint from last nite causing my momentary lapse of recollection. :lol:

Mongo I love my Argo mates.
However,please tell me your not that one argo fan they always show on T.V.
You know the one with the helmet,that is 3 times smaller than his head.What a geek.
Go rider go!!!

Forgetting isn’t always a bad thing…until you need the washroom…


Depends on which one with the helmet you're referring to. There's about 3 or 4 of us with them, but only 2 with the circa '91-'93 models I sport. Myself, and another guy over in section 111. I'm the one who's beside the party lugnut with the drum.