Printers To Sask for?

If you were to make the trade for Printers who would you let go from Sask?

I would say send Greene ( or Butler ) and Keith plus a 3rd round pick to BC for Printers and a 1st rounder. Yes Keith would be a loss but when we have Holmes I dont think it would be that big of a deal. Plus Keith seems to be injured a lot of the time.

i could accept that trade. but nobody wants Greene. I'd give them Davin Bush and Charles Thomas. Gives them what they need, better secondary, and o-line and us what we need, better QB, lets go Roy make it happen

I've always thought the Esks dodged a bullet getting rid of Greene, but hey, so did the Argos when they sold him to us LOL.

Printers PLUS a first rounder??? You gotta be joking. And do you mean NEALON Greene??? You gotta be joking again. Go back to the drawing board.

From BC’s view, a more equitable trade might be Casey Printers for Gene Makowsky and Eddie Davis. But most Rider fans probably won’t like this trade. The nature of trading is that BC wants as much as possible while Saskatchewan wants to give up as little as possible.

Billy is it not your db's that give up points late in the game so your team loses.

Especially since greene got turned down for the gainer job!

no its actually the whole defence, and if the offence could keep the ball in their hands they wouldn't have to. Oh and how many offensive TD's did you guys score on us. ZERO. Toronto in the last game, ZERO, Edmonton didn't score a passing TD against us. Our Pass defence is the best in the league, so when you make a statement, try making one with some worth, and backing, instead of just trying to reply to every post I make just to piss me off. I would take our secondary over anyone in the league., and I doubt I am alone in that.
And how about you don't come on to our board to post stupid statements like this, when we both know that he only reason you are doing it is because I posted it. Have some class. You don't see me on anyone elses board saying stupid crap like this.

You know Billy you can be a real loser the important fact here is who won. The only stat that counts is wins and losses I believe the Stamps have you beat on that one. The fact no offensive touchdowns were not scored by the Stamps is Burris took it easy on your team.

I agree, The win was more important, but in this particular case the topic of discussion was Saskatchewan's DB's right. I stayed on topic you revert to "scoreboard". And to say Burris took it easy on us, is completely false, he worked as hard as he could, he is a professional athelete, and to say he took it easy on us, is selling him short.

Wrong again Billy

There's no way BC would make the trade mentioned in the first post, keep dreaming about getting printers, riders fans...

I don’t think there is any possible way that the Lions would trade Printers to Sask - or any other Western Conference team for that matter. Plus, Printers is a free agent next year so maybe the Lions sign him and you never know, maybe it will be Dickenson who gets dealt because of his age. And again, not to a western team. But I believe Dickenson has a no trade clause in his contract so he would have to agree. The only way that would happen is if Buono made it exceedingly clear that Printers was the #1 guy - Period.

Is Printers in his option year next year, or is he a free agent?
If he is a free agent, he will be going down south for the first half of the season at least next year. If he is in his option he will be going down south for the first half of the season. And if we are talking about trading for Printers this year, then I think it is a little to late.

it doesnt mater who the QB is if the recivers cant catch the ball ? ? ? ?
what we really need is recivers that can catch and not just Domingues ? ? ? ?

Finally someone other than me realizes our receiving problems. Printers is not the cure-all for the team already...

I agree!

We do have 2 great recievers (Moore and Dominguez) the only problem is they benched Moore all season, and Dominguez got hurt. Richardson has got some potential, but I wouldn't call him a great reciever.
Did they even make a pitch at Copeland in the offseason?
Maybe we should crack a deal with Edmonton for one of their recievers, preferably Tucker or Hervey.

Hervey will say he is coming but then he will forget to pack and say oh I will just stay in Edmonton because my team mates will give me the money to stay. Yes G&W I agree Moore even being old is better then any receiver that has played for you guys this year. Matt D, sure is injury prone and that would concern me as a fan. But yes Shiv better get out the old sales pitch and get some good receiver into the Rider lineup.

I wouldn't call Matt D. injury prone at all. He had one major injury that's kept him out all season. I can't recall anything significant in previous seasons.