Printers to Sask for John Chick

Sask. will be looking for a starting QB, Hamilton needs a good Defensive Lineman.
John Chick is young and has potenial, he had some minor injuries this year but was sask 's
linemen of the year in 2007. Time to trade Printers for some defensive help.

Here we go again.

hey, how about printers to t.o. for jonathan brown or byron parker-value going both ways


You may not have John Chick. That is all.

I dont want johns chick, I have my own, thank you very much.

Even if we get nothing for him the 500 thousand we save is worth it. Printers for some fresh popcorn.

An interesting take on the situation. I can't say I disagree.

An Argo-Cat fan

The Cats can cut him anytime this off season and not owe anything on his contract. That is not the issue.

And Sask traded the league MVP in Joseph after a Grey Cup because of bucks
Why would they want the most expensive player in the league that is not very good right now?

Printers is not very good right now because of our crappy OL. With Sask OL he may do quite well.
Who Knows!

With Durant probably leaving a starter for Printers is a small price to pay but whatever you say Erica LOL!


Eric Tillman's alter feminine ego :slight_smile:'re funny. :roll:

Having said that. All John Chick has to do is say he won't report and you can get Printers for a draft pick. :wink:

How about obie for john Chick then.

How about Printers for Bishop?

Bishop is just as inconsistent as Printers. They both can have a great game one week then blow it the next 4-5 in a row.

We could have had Bishop a few years ago - I believe when we traded Mihelic to the Argos they gave us the choice - Brady or Bishop. We know how that all turned out.

The Ticats gave up on Brady and did not give him enough time to learn the systems. Bishop on the other hand has a rifle for an arm and his solid as a linebacker. His only down side is his inability to read the defence and his impatience for the play to develope. He has a tendancy to force the throw. He is much better outside of the pocket. So back to the orignal question Printers for Chick - I say no - Obie has a full off season to use first overall pick, trade, and get the monsters on the line in to camp for next year.

Hey! I 'm not saying we have to make the deal right now. give printers and Porter a x-game to
compare abilities, if printers is still flat, trade him to sask. for chick. Obie has picked up some
pretty good players from other teams last year.