Printers to Riders

I was listening to sportstalk weekend with rick quintin and he said there is a RUMOR that there is deal that would see Priners and the BC kicker Duncan to Sask for Keith, Richardson, McCallum and a first-round draft pick. We all know where there's smoke there's fire. [/b]

Or behind every rumour is a guy on crack.

I don't think Buono would make a mistake like that, getting rid of depth at QB is just silly. O'Mahony, well, his punts & kickoffs are good. His only problem is with field goals, and Macallum has been having some problems there as well this year. IMHO, Trading O'Mahony for Macallum wouldn't change anything for either team. Trading Printers would just give Sask a better chance of beating us.

Neither option really makes any sense.

there is already a thread for this HOAX.... ... pic&t=2044
it's crap... it won't happen.... Buono is not stupid... and ok... i can see someone MAYBE buying into that rumor before the weekend.... but now... after Dave goes down with a seperated shoulder... there is NO WAY Printers is going anywhere.. at least not until the season is over....
that trade doesn't make sense on so many levels.... #1.. why would we trade away an insurance QB who is now thanks to an injury the #1 guy?.. particularly when we have the Grey Cup here in the dome this year... they want to WIN that game... and having Casey around to back up Dave should the need arise in that game would greatly benefit the team..... #2...why in hell would we need Keith??... we have arguably the best RB in the league... Warren... he can catch he can run... we do not need Keith... #3 a young kicker that misses easy ones for an old kicker that misses easy ones... gotta stick with the young... cuz even if both turn it around... duncan will be around longer... #4... do we need another receiver?? and an import one at that??? NO... we have one of the best receiving corps in the leauge... and full of Canadian content... this trade would make NO SENSE from the Lions point of view...

Pratt apparently started this last week....there is no fire behind this smoke... the only smoke around this is coming from the crack pipe the guys at 1040 are smoking... that is the only place this rumor has been heard.... and i think there is a good reason for that.... all they are trying to do is stir up controversy... which is one of Pratt's fave. things to do... that and speculate... i don't even know how he keeps his job... all he ever does is speculate and throw rumors out... Taylor is the reason that show stays on the air...

His name is Dave Pratt from TEAM1040 :lol:

Pratt is a damn fool, and should be put out to pasture...permanently!



Pratt is amusing. Could care less about his opinions but sure is fun listening to him make an a$$ of himself. He can't really believe the stuff he says, can he? or is he just trying to get ratings?

You can always tell when David Pratt is feeding you a line.....His lips move.

Now that DD is injured. It won't happen.

PLEASE no more Printer Trades posts.

More like wishful thinking. Bouno never makes atrade unless he absolutely has too. And I do not believe this is the case again wishful thinking from a team that needs a QB quick.

It was just posted on the Province story today saying that this is not about to happen period.

Also it was posted that the 1040 radio guy said he didn't say this rumour was true - it was on the net.

Funny the Team 1040 guy would contradict his own guy.....Speaks for itself....even the other Team 1040 Guys don't beleive David Pratt.

Rumour is Dead!