Printers to Riders

Any truth to the deal that would see Priners and the BC kicker Duncan to Sask for Keith, Richardson, McCallum and a first-round draft pick?

I won’t categorically say it’s an impossible deal, but it’s highly unlikely. I can’t seem to find any information anywhere that would support that as being a truly viable option.

.......that's a lot for the riders to give up considering Printers is absolutely gone by the end of the season.....

I saw this on sportsnet’s board.
bc fan said he saw him get interviewed on tv
could be a load of bull, but Shivers has nothing to lose - they need to turn it around in a hurry or he’ll lose his job
and who knows - Printers gets to be No. 1, he might be convinced to stay, seeing as how it’s unlikely he’ll do anything other than hold a clipboard in the NFL.
I’m unconvinced, but it’s intriguing

It was reported on the afternoon show on the Team-1040.

First let me caution you about getting your hopes up here. David Pratt who does the afternoon show, is the West Coast's version of Marty York. Pratt has an excellent record of getting his stories wrong. Usually you can tell when Pratt is giving you a line.....His lips tend to move.

The more reliable sources in BC are NOT reporting anything about such a deal.

In fairness, Saskatchewan would be giving up way too much for Printers. I think if that trade some how happened, you fans would would tar and feather Shivers.

I dunno. An MVP QB? Sounds fair to me.
We'll see if it has any legs.
Shivers must know his job is on the line.

Ya an MVP star QB. Who just seems to be in it for the money. I mean ya he had an amazing season last year. But he seems liek one of those guys that would go to the NFL and get like triple the money hes getting now jsut to hold a clipboard.'s like someone offering you to trade your half decent pickup in on a ferrari. oh, but you can dirve it for only one day.....

in all reality Printers isnt costing BC a lot of money this year? with Dickinson missing a game with a sore back and Printers stepping in quite nicely would you actually trade him ????????????
Kieth or Warren ??????????????
Macallum or O'Mahony ?????????
Richardson or Thelwell ?????????
who would you start of these guys???

Richardson, McCallum, and Keith of course.

why would you trade these guys anyway ?? I fell that Richardson is and will be a great reciver for the riders for years to come!!! Kieth is good dam good!Macalum I believe has worked out his problem !!!
every time I defend the riders they screwup and make a liare out of me!!!
why cant Shivers find a QB instead of trading for one ??wasnt that the reason that he got the GMs job in the first place because of his ability to find talent??

If you're Saskatchewan you start them and that's why you can keep them . We don't need those guys , Keith is only half the player Warren is and it shows in the resuls.

Danny Barrett has just dismissed this yesterday as having no truth at all. First time he's heard of it. No chance of this deal happening whatsoever.

well it would be nice :smiley: but i dont see it happenin after Dave Dickenson just got hurt :shock:

Keith is only half the player Warren is and it shows in the resuls.
LMAO!!! well I guess thats your opinion, the only problem with Keith is he is a head case he needs to growup.. but I chalk that up to his youth.

Theres no disputing Warren is a great RB, saying Keith is half his ability is ludicrous... hes played 2 less games and has the same average, he's way more explosive than Warren, and yes ill give the edge to Warren catching the ball.

Buono's quote to the media today was basically the same. He likes his RB and receivers, and there is NO reason to make this trade. Both Buono and Printers laughed it off as a radio phone in show rumour.

They obviously know David Pratt's credentials.....

Yeah, and the riders are making the playoffs this year, pfft, dream on, shoulda held onto Burris.

Hey, why the hell would we need Keith and Warren? or McCallum while we have O’Mahony, even the Duncan sucks.