Printers to Kansas City Practice Roster

.........i don't think Printers is prepared to sit on K.C.s' practice roster for any extended amount of time..,,,,Ricky Ray has been there ...did that...and i believe he liked the coaches he was palying for...(no huard there).....and he ASKED FOR HIS OUTRIGHT RELEASE AND GOT IT)....I don't care what football player it is....they would rather play than sit.....go ask them....and to be quite frank with you...i don't believe there;s a chance in hell that Casey will ever see a starters job like he would have up here....and if that's pursuing the dream.... well i don't think that's what Printers had in mind the end Casey will come to the proper conclusion... :wink: ....

Printers could make about 400+ G's Canadian instead of 85 American. Experts are predicting our dollar will be on par with the US dollar by next year. So if he stays in the NFL it won't be for the money.

Hamilton should trade- first pick in cfl entry draft, cfl rights to jesse lumsden, and dj flick for the rights to Casey Printers. Then Hamilton should name him their starter and give him a big contract, signing bonus and endorsements.

Why would they do that? First Maas is not the problem. I believe their receivers are the problem. Many NFL guys will be available. It is time to start getting rid of the guys that can not get open. Why would you trade the future away? You aren't Danny Machokie are youIn otherwords no matter who is QB on the Tiger cat team you will fail with those receivers. Flick could not make an AFL team.