Printers to Kansas City Practice Roster

CKNW 980 reported on the 12:15 sports that Printers will be cut this afternoon, put on waivers and then assigned to the practice roster. His agent Jason Medlock told NW sports that Kansas City is not given up on Printers and feels he can develop with the organization, considering the signing bonus and Guaranteed contract he signed.

He figured KC would announce him on the practice roster sometime on Sunday.

...Wally Buono said that he dosen't want Printers becoming a distraction.......and if the situation arises (Printers coming back to the CFL) he will deal with it then...also a quote from Warren Moon which says he thinks Casey tried to move to the nfl too soon....methinks Printers will be back in the CFL...sooner rather than later,,,,,no player likes to languish on a pr for very long when he could just as easily play..... it will be a very interesting decision to make for Mr. Printers....Nice chunk of cash...and more than likely a starting quarterback in Canada...versus..... ... good money sitting on a pr bench...and a very uncertain future....his choice... :? :roll:

he was 1-1 for 5 yards yesterday!


So would Buono trade Printers to (most likely) TO? I'm not familiar enough with them to know what they need and whether or not the Argos have guys to fill that need, but they could probly get a buttload of draft picks if nothing else....

most likely TO

Jason Medlock says he isn't comming back. They will pursue other NFL teams before returning.

Don't any one get their hopes up.

Fair enough ... but Medlock is obviously biased .... and (to me) also clueless

Alot can happen in the next 10 days .... including .... Dickenson .... goin 'down for the count' .... maybe even tonight

Horrors? LOL - not to me

...they've always got Bucky.....he's a back-up qb. who could hesitation throwing that guy in... :wink:

Even if printers does cut he will obviously persue ALL his NFL oppurtunities before returning to the CFL and KC also wants to put him on their practice roster so his chances of coming to the CFL are like 1%.

There's A Good Chance That If Printers Dicides To Stay In The States Then He Won't Be Playing On Any Squad, Be It KC Or Somewhere Else. Not A Lot Of Teams In The nFL Look For For There Future QBs From Other Teams Pratices Rosters. He'd Have A Better Chance Of Starting In The nFL By Coming Back To The CFL And Improving His Skills Up Here.

As For Where He Would Play If He Was Up Here I Don't Think Toronto Is The Best Place For Him To Go. He Might As Well Spend Another 2 Years As Dickenson's Backup. He'd Be Looking For A Temporary Starting Role Most Likely, One That Would Be Better Suited In Hamilton.

How mysteriously prophetic was THIS comment? :o

And…Medlock is also an AGENT who is looking out for his interests as well. He will obviously get more money by trying to keep Printers in the NoFunLeague.

...and i told you Bucky was a good one....and it should be interesting IF Printers ever comes back.....who gets dealt....the leos are holding a lot of cards..... :roll:

I'd agree, Printers and his agent will do what they have to do to have him stay in the US. He's an OK QB, but not the type of guy who makes you want to watch a game.

I shouldn't talk much, since I'm in Ottawa, and there's no one here to watch period. Have to admit, I'm rather impressed with Henry Burris...I remember when he came out of Temple...

I didn't watch the game past the start of the second half. I saw Dickinson with a bumm ankle. Did he play after that?

True geo, maybe we could get 3rdDown to post tonight winning 649 numbers...I would say Printers will be on the pr..if by chance Printers comes back to the CFL. The odd man out should be Dickenson, he is to injury prone and unreliable. so the Question Walley would face if Printers returns is..who do I let go Printers or Dickenson..the choice would be simple..see ya Dave..

Printers himself has already said he’ll stay on the KC practise roster if it’s offered to him. KC’s QB coach , Terry O’shea , has already said they want to keep all four QB’s. If you read the KC fan forum , the consensus there is they keep Printers on the practise roster . They are all agreed on one thing , they all hate Damon Huard and that’s who they want gone eventually.
So why do people here keep thinking Printers is coming back here?

...because some people have a change-of-heart after they have reviewed their situation....Printers will end up where it's best for him.....not what Medlock wants... :wink:

So why do people here keep thinking Printers is coming back here?
...because some people have a change-of-heart after they have reviewed their situation....Printers will end up where it's best for him.....not what Medlock wants... :wink:
And you think he'll just walk away from his lifelong dream to play in the NFL before they're really done with him there?
Down there , players sometimes have to do practise roster time to make it , it's part of paying their dues. Some go through it and make it , others don't.
Ricky Ray probably would have had a chance to play had he stayed as there were QB injury problems after he left .
In KC , there isn't much depth ahead of Printers , they all hate the #2 guy and the #1 is getting on in age .They already signed and cut another QB after Printers . That leaves only Croyle LONG TERM ahead of Printers at the moment, so why wouldn't he bide his time if given that option ?

n KC , they all hate the #2 guy

Just go and look at the KC fan forums to see the opinions they got of Damon Huard.
They also got some interesting threads on Printers there too . Some fans think he sucks , but that's based on the limited pre-season action they've seen him in. Others there think he's got lots of potential(noting that he's a complete rookie in their system as well as to the NFL) and see him as a future back-up to Croyle.

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