Printers to get the Start this weekend.

Printers is starting against the Riders this weekend.
gonna be sooo good to see Printers passing to simon and jackson again!!!
i hope he is as good as the '04 season!

He should have been starting the last several weeks for my Argos if the clown management team had done the right thing.
Now it would not surprise me if Printers came in and had one heck of a game against the Riders.

I never thought I'd see the day Casey Printers would be back starting with the lions. Hopefully, less cocky guy, can help the team out.

According to Buono yesterday, Lulay is expected to start this week. Lulay also expects to play this week (as per his interview on the Team 1040 today) as long as his shoulder isn't hurting too much.

My guess is that Printers was taking first unit reps because Lulay is sore and they were giving him extra rest... and really.. if they are giving Lulay a bit more rest and Buck and JJ are injured... Casey would be the one to take those first unit reps.

I guess to some in the media, if someone gets one day of first unit reps they must be the starter in the next game. My take.... one day of first unit reps doesn't mean much given the QB situation here in BC.

As a side note... i would take anything from whoever wrote this with a grain of salt... as he/she states "while Jarious Jackson, the starter at the beginning of the season... "... wrong... Buck was the starter at the beginning of the season.. so whoever it is that wrote this might not have the best knowledge of the game.

It would me, I'm holding to my prediction of not only a Rider win, but a Rider blowout....

It'll be interesting if Printers does play.

upon further review... i really don't think the author follows the league much... and he/she clearly doesn't fact check. There are 2 more factual errors in this article on top of the one i mentioned in my last post. "The 2005 Most Outstanding Player" and "signed with Hamilton upon his return to Canada last year". Both statements are wrong... Casey was MOP in 2004 and he signed with Hamilton 2 years ago. :roll:

I'm starting to think the anonymous writer for The Canadian Press is Marty York. :lol:

That's definitely my prediction for when they play next week...against the ticats!

Yup, the Riders are going to get blown out in each of the next two weeks... :rockin:

It will be interesting to see if Casey has changed or the same egomaniac that tore this team apart. The sound bites we are getting make it sound like he is buying into Wally's program. If he does play, it will probably be his last chance to prove that 2004 was not a one season wonder.

Boys, boys... why don't we just say you can both be right? :slight_smile:

keep dreaming!

thats the question like sportsman says has he adjusted his ego and I say nope haven't read that he was struct by lightning
I also believe that our D will be up to his challange the question is will he be ready for our D and rumor is kit jones will be rotating with chunk and shoally plus chick baggs and our linebackers not to take anything from bc D cause they have lotsa play makers as well so our O line is going to have shore it up a bit and play huge to keep darian safe from the bc nightmares that could come to haunt
as far as the riders droppin the next 2 can't see it watched abit of practice today boys where inside outta the cold rain and yes we looked good as we should with only 3 weeks remaining so that said hold on to your seats rider haters cause the games now left will have you seeing a cardioligist by the end of it
go riders go :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :thup:

Very true, Sportsmen, very true. This is, I think, an important time for his career. If he produces the way he did in Hamilton, it's all over and no one will give him a look-see afterwards. It's his last chance.

The Riders are doomed. Casey will throw for 1000yards and run for 500 all in one game. He is invincible. He is immaculate. He is Casey and Finnegan all wrapped up into one. Casey for Prime Minister!!! :rockin:
I have not been this excited since I heard Troy Westwood is back!!!!!!! :wink: :wink: :lol: :lol: :smiley: :smiley: :cowboy:

Honestly, with Troy and Casey back this is better than any of the soap operas on t.v. or Better storylines than WWF on t.v.
Next thing you know we will have Mankind and the Undertaker signing with the bombers and Hulk Hogan becoming the BC Lions next qb.

hilarious TB

HELLLL IN THE CEEELLLLL!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: