Printers To Garldner!

I CAN SEE IT ALREADY!!!, anyword on talmans injury?? i think him n printers on the same page can put up some big numbers together!!

Still a Little Sore but may Play.
Well know Tomorow

i am gunna have to say: Printers to Armstead!

I would like this combo if Talmon wasn't the glass man.

Talmen is 3rd Best WR on this Team
Behind Brock and Armsted…

Too bad he's never healthy.

I think that duo will be fun to watch! Speed kills from liftoff to splashdown! :wink:

I'm gonna have to disagree and say he has the talent to be the Number 1. He will be the next Geroy Simon. Count on it.

I am not going to Disagree
He got great Upside..
He just not there yet