Printers to be Cut????????

Where there's smoke, there must be.....???

Hamilton posters any truth to this?

CKNW Radio speculated yesterday that if Williams has a great game in Winnipeg and defeats the Bombers, the Tigercats would cut Printers to avoid his contract being Guaranteed after Labour day.

Any ounce of truth to this rumour?

i havent heard any of this. plus someone would have already posted this in the Hamilton Tiger-Cats forum.

but it does seem possible considering how much cap room it would create.

does the radio station have a site that you could post that might have some info on this?

if he gets cut, who would take him?

i could see him fittin in well in toronto, but they already have joseph AND bish.

BC again?

we NEED more teams...too many good players sittin on the sidelines.

if glenn doesnt play well tomorrow.....the bombers?

maybe..he'd look good in a bomber uni.

casey would have alot of weopons around him, thats fursure.

This belongs on the Hamilton Forum


With all their injuries Im sure Tillman could find cap space.


theres a topic about joe smith on the main forum…did u go to that and say ‘this belongs in the lions forum’???

or the topic about the argos moving to BMO field…did u tell them to move the discussion to the argos forum?

how bout the guy talkin about the ‘bombers game last nite’?..should that be bombers forum?

how about the numourus rider discussions around here?

Winnipeg and Toronto would be the frontrunners. As an Als fan, I’d love to have Printers here when A.C. finally retires.

i dont think at 6-1 (6-2,7-1 pending on next week) the riders would make such a big move at QB

as much as id like to see printers surrounded by the bombers receivers and roberts, i think theyd be WAY over the cap...

i mean, taman didnt think he could afford to give glenn a raise, how can he afford printers $450K+ salary? ( even if he cut glenn )

I honestly do not know if it is true or not, but I highly doubt it.

Knowing that it was a Vancouver radio station that started the rumour makes it less credible to me.

Fans in B.C. are still very bitter about the way Printers left the Lions and would relish the opportunity to see him fail.

I thought that if Printers was cut, his contract would be null and void and he'd be free to negotiate a new contract with another team?

I could only imagine that Printers value would decrease immensely after doing nothing in Hamilton.

His play is not the most impressive in the CFL and either should his contract.

I don't think Hamilton would get rid of Printers that easily. Even if Williams is the real deal, which is very possible, every team needs two good quarterbacks to be successful.

maybe your right...this case, let the bidding begin!

Just what I was thinking. No matter how good william might be, they have no idea yet if either of the other two can be a capable backup. Way too early to think of cutting printers. A trade that includes a QB with more CFL experience than the either chang or porter, maybe, but otherwise, dumb to get rid of printers this yr.

With the 250 in cap space the Cats could easily swing a trade and bring in someone like Bishop or even Damon Allen(Shudder shudder shudder)

Sask doesnt need QB's unless printers can catch then maybe

I wouldn't touch Printers with a 10 foot pole! this guy is useless.