Printers to BC Practice Roster

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I wish Casey well. If he can recapture any of that 2004 magic where it unfolded, it will be great for the league as a whole!

If Printers does come in and makes an impact later in the season for BC, Kelly will rue the day he dismissed Casey out of hand and cast his lot with Bishop!

Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,


Printers wouldnt have done any better in Winnipeg than he did in Hamilton. He had no help here, and would have had no help there.

BC is a different story. If he has a chance to get back into game shape, he can be a great QB again. (IMO)

If Casey and Wally can reconcile any remaining differences between them then it would be the best environment and chances of seeing that 2004 MOP again.

Hope he gets into a game, I wish him well. :thup:

In the short term under Kelly, I get that it would be a slog for Casey having to deal with Mr. 1994. That being stated, the medium and long term advantage of having Printers in a rebuilding mix versus that of Michael Bishop is clear, I think. I am not suggesting that other alternatives would not be better for Winnipeg (like Kevin Glenn remaining in a Winnipeg uniform for one) but the advantages of having a younger QB who still has time to grow as a pivot in the league versus Captain Armpunt is clear to me.

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Yeah, Winnipeg is a mess. I'm not sure any QB would be having much success there this year. I think Printers is still a little immature, thinking he can do it all alone, but no one can. He didn't play up to expectations here but you're right, he didn't have much help. The team was relying on him to turn the franchise around when they signed him which is kind of a ridiculous assignment when you see how much the team has done over the last year to get this team up to the point it is today. Bringing someone in as a "saviour" was throwing him to the wolves. Poor Casey bought into his own hype. However, if anyone can bring out the best in him it will be Wally. Best of luck to Casey. I'd still like to see him tearing up the CFL again :thup: .

Yea, I wish him well too.

Besides, we don't play BC again this year and if he hits his stride come play-offs I doubt BC will represent the West.

But then again...anything can happen. :roll: :wink:

The West race is sure tight!

There is a very good chance that it will be the B.C. Lions coming to Ivor Wynne in November for the East semifinal. It sure won't be the Argos or the Bummers!!!

Hmmm Well if Makes back on Field
We could see Casey In the East Semi Final.
Would that not be a kicker lol

Right you are! :wink: I just don't think they will have enough to get out of the West.

But by means of a crossover? Right you are!

AND, as Tom pointed out, won't that be quite the game and the welcome he will get back here!

I'm sure we will be SOLD OUT and the crowd will have even more incentive to be LOUD.

I hope he does well. He got too much of the blame here in Hamilton. He had no weapons. Had he had AB3, an older Rodrieguez, Cobb, and our defense... Who knows. I hope he can regain his magic from 2004.

I was glad to hear that Wally is giving Printers a shot.
But I also believe that this will be Casey's last the CFL.
I hope he has eaten enough " humble pie " to come down to earth....with the rest of us.
Cat fans don't have to be told that the biggest problem with Printers when he was in Hamilton....was the size of his own head. I don't think I can ever forget him telling the fan base in Hamilton " to sit back and buy popcorn and watch the wins roll in " or something to that effect. Still makes me want to 'hurl up my cornflakes'...thinking about that.
Anyway....good luck to anywhere...but Hamilton....ever again.


Printers also did not have an offensive line. Yes, it was offensive, but not in the sense you want it to be.
Most of the time he was running for his life.
I wonder how much money he will get in B.C.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I wonder if the Lion's equipment manager had to get an extra-large helmet to fit Printer's gigantic swelled head. Maybe, being cut and finding there wasn't a lineup for his services humbled him a bit.

Maybe throwing to guys like Simon and Jackson will help to rejuvenate his career. He's still young enough to have a solid CFL career.

An Argo-Cat fan

Said it before and I'll say it again. It is dangerous to judge any Ticat who played on our team for the past three or four years. The team stunk and made good players look bad and great players look so so. I don't know where Printers fits in that scenario but I would not be surprised that given the right coaching, the right offense and some better receivers, Casey Printers could become one of the best QBs in this league. I'm not sure the Ticats want to face a rejuvinated BC Lions with Wally and Casey Printers in the semifinals.

I feel like a Kreskin moment may be on offer... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Here's what I wrote in February:

Re: Printers Released?

Post by oski-oui-oui on 20 Feb, 2009 - 08:57
The Cats had better get a veteran in the QB mix to compete at camp PDQ.

It takes no rocket scientist to understand that Printers did not live up to the expectations that his contract or his overblown comment of wanting to someday be the greatest player at the QB position engendered. Methinks that the "high-paid QB on underachieving team = locker room cancer" crew will have their day or two here in February. The proof will be, say in November in the next few years if indeed the Cats will have to face Printers in another uniform with all the marbles on the line.

I've been around the block enough not to write off twentysomething quarterbacks' abiltiy to rebound. Time will tell if Casey can. The revisionism around here that the Taaffe era somehow gave us a fuller picture of Casey's doomed status as a CFL pivot from this day forward is a bit rich for me, sorry. I saw how porous that O-line was in pass protection by personnel and scheme as well as how long it took for ONE bona fide young star wideout -- Rodriguez -- to emerge.

Casey's injury woes clearly cut into his ability to find a groove and be effective in the Black and Gold. If he cannot rectify that, he will not be a force in this league again. His NFL stint may prove to be his undoing re the momentum his CFL career lost -- or not. He is still young.

I'm not sold on Kevin Glenn as being Mr. Fix-It here folks.

I've seen Printers in his monster year and Glenn in his and Printers wins that WOW factor hands down in my estimation. Solving a riddle with an enigma isn't the recipe for success in pro sports as a general rule of thumb...

I feel a little like I did during the Ealey, Clements, and Calvillo exoduses (curiously not so for Damon Allen). The Clements one still cuts to the quick for me because the man was a proven star with upside who had a ring and was definitely NOT the problem with the Cats of the early 80s. He was the missing part that cost us a couple of Grey Cups in the 1980s, IMHO (and I did like Mike Kerrigan!).

Maybe this will wind up as the Ealey trade did, a feeling of disappointment at Chuck's inability to rekindle the magic of 1972 that proved to continue in Winnipeg and Toronto. Or we might relive the Clements and Calvillo days of watching a QB and his crew return to Hamilton to wipe the floor with the Tabbies time and again. Time will tell.

I wish Porter well. I think it's a little early for the annointing oil, but he has the tools to be a force in the league if developed correctly. I am hopeful that with the proper protection we may find ourselves pleasantly surprised. One thing IS sure: two years of eyeballing is NEVER enough to write off any QB with staying power in this league. I think with a fresh start somewhere else that a Printers-Porter confrontation in a big-money game is on offer down the road.


We shall see.

Oski Wee Crossover?


Just like Bruce, Printers could rebuild his career and I wish him luck It just didn't work out for him here so fans say he was a Cancer in our locker room , well just look at Arland Bruce and how well he is doing with a clean slate and a fresh start :thup: it would be great to see Casey do great things like he wanted to do here back in the CFL :thup:

Bruce wasn't having a bad year on the field before coming here.

Well who did Printers have to throw the ball to when he was here ?? I think that the problem Printers had throwing the ball was all in his mechanics . I would look for him to do pretty well in BC . I hope he does because he is a very good athlete .