Printers To Attend Bombers' Mini-Camp

This article in today’s Winnipeg Sun reports that the Bombers are sending Casey Printers a plane ticket to attend their mini-camp in Florida next month:

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…do you guys think that Casey still has it…or are we just wasting a plane ticket on a qb. with a bad attitude…I’d like to see him resurrect his career in the Peg…(Bombers could be dangerous with this guy)…or should we just let him sit on the shelf…Now i would like an honest opinion …as he was with you last year…i would value an honest opinion…


I think with the right players and coaching, Printers can still be a VERY dangerous QB. When he's running for his life, with rookie receivers, ZERO o-line, and is trying to win games all by his lonesome (some of it his fault, some of it everybody else's), then you will get the predictable results.

I think Printers will eventually end up in Bombers' camp, because no one else will be interested in him. But it will be a disaster. Think about it:

-a rook HC who has already made several public bonehead moves
-an O-Line that is missing 3 vets from last year
-Brock Ralph is going to start at receiver
-no Stegall

Winnipeg will be a clown show this year. But it may be the only circus Printers gets an invite to.

Casey has proven that he can be a high functioning CFL QB.

At 27 yrs old he hasn't lost that ability, papazoola.

After not playing much in the NFL for 2 years
when he was thrust into CFL action in mid 2007

his decision-making behind Centre wasn't as sharp as before

He wasn't making his 'reads' quickly enough.

When he left the pocket he wasn't helped
by his receivers coming back to the ball

like his great B.C. Lions receivers did.

Call it 'rustiness'

He was getting the rhythmn of the CFL game back
early in the 2008 season but as sig said above

he was running for his life with rookie receivers etc.

He missed games with nagging injuries
and Richie Williams did well for a while

His injured throwing hand thumb was a
real problem when he got back into games.

Marcel Bellefeuille became Head Coach.

He was really high on Quinton Porter.

IMO, when Porter did so well, Casey
mentally cashed in his chips

conceding the job to Porter.

because he felt that his big salary
was an albatross around his neck.

I hear he was quoted on a Vancouver radio station saying
that he wouldn't be kept on in Hamilton in the 2009 season.

Ron forgot to mention that Printers refused to go into a game when Bellefuelle asked him to because he was "not properly warmed up," and that Printers pulled himself out of every Ticat game he could with additional "injuries." Read between the lines. This guy was not a team player with the Ticats.

that pretty much sums it up well.

....thanx guys....I knew a little bit about Printers successes and failures ... but you only get what the media offers up....nice to hear what the 'real' people think ...the fans...Sounds like we could be getting ourselves a real handful...IF ..he signs on.. Either him or the Bomber faithful might have to go for 'help' after this one.... :roll:

Blue to take look at Printers

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They'll look at anyone right now look at there Qb situation.
Dinwiddie or lefors?

If the Bombers want him to come in and be Mr. Everything it's not going to happen. I'd like to see him get another shot and just get back to playing football without the saviour title on his back. Give him some tools to work with and there's no reason why he can't regain his old form. Too much is made of this bad attitude thing. It is the Casey Printers myth. He has always been positive whenever he has spoken publicly but anyways, he could be an asset.

There's no saying that he's going to be a Bomber either. Is this the thing that they were bringing him in for because they couldn't use their contracted qb's? I read something about that earlier in the week which sounds like he's being brought in as a practice prop.

It's funny if they're interested in Printers though because they just released Glenn because he struggled a bit last year, but Casey had a lot more trouble than Glenn did. I was actually shocked that they'd give up on him so quickly after he was the East division MOP two years ago. Are they scrambling to find a qb now?

Anyway, I hope he becomes a Bomber. I think he's still got a lot left in the tank but now is the time to prove it. It may be his last CFL opportunity if he blows it.

Be Mr Everything?? They are bringing him into a free agent camp to throw passes. He has not signed a contract with them. Kelly wants LeFors (or however you spell it) to be the starter.

I think you don’t understand what is going on.

[i]Printers will not be attending one of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers' free agent camps in the US this weekend as had been speculated in various publications. As far as he is concerned, the Bombers, like every other team, already know what he can do. All they need to do is watch game film from 2004 and 2005.

In the meantime, Printers remains in Houston training for an opportunity he believes is only a matter of time[/i]


That Printers is really in to going that extra mile!!!

...yeah that quote was before we learned yesterday that the Bombers have sent him a plane ticket....He or his agent seem to be waffling a bit on their earlier statement...Who knows with these guys.... :roll: The quote...' already know what he can do'...borders on being arrogant...I say if he's interested in playing football...he better show up we can see what he can do... :roll:

Printers and Medlock arrogant?

Next you'll be telling us that Mike Kelly is arrogant.............oh wait............he is too.

That's why, if Printers does end up as a Bomber, I foresee some nice explosions between them.

....and that will be fun to watch....However they better be putting pts. in the win column, while they're going on their ego-trips....or the natives could get restless in a hurry... :wink:

I'm a little late to the parade I guess.

When Printers was starting here last season I thought his mechanics were piss-poor. He was often under-throwing/over-throwing receivers and putting the ball into the dirt. I don't know why his mechanics were so inconsistent but unlike most people I think that they were the reason for his failure in the Hammer.

My 2 cents.

I thought that Casey put the ball on the mark more often than not. There were times when the throws were off but that happens... its part of football. Just like fumbles, picks and dropped balls. That said, I would argue that the ratio of bad passes to blatantly dropped balls falls far in Casey's favour. I can remember quite a few passes that hit receivers in the hands and the ball hit the turf, most at very critical 2nd and long situations where a catch would have kept the chains moving. I can remember seeing Casey put the ball right in the bubble in the zone coverage, only to have the receiver who should have been there not make the proper read and be out of position. Go back and watch some highlights where Casey throws a frozen rope while running for his life and the ball is perfect. The guy is a stud and without some help no one can succeed in a team sport like football. A QB is only as good as the system and the supporting cast.

you got it....

Prechae had a great season but ya gotta admit that he is kinda unschooled as far as the subtlties of the game. Mitchell Cohen and all were OK but never had a clue once Casey had to scramble, which was often cause the Oline wasn't very good and the Cat RBs wern't great blockers. They did better when Porter was in cause with him it's kinda straightforward. Drop back throw and catch....

I for one would be very curious to see Casey play on a team with a solid Oline and experienced receivers.

There were times, many of them, when Casey would just hold onto the ball too long. he also had a bad habit of locking in on his primary receiver, telegraphing his passes. He didn't execute his progressions well at all.