Printers Thumb

They Cats Won't let the Media Talk to Casey
Something is Fishy here

I think he may have Hairline a Crack or Break in it.
But the Ticats are saying it's a Something Minor.
But now I Have my Doubts about his Thumb

He did throw this week
He still dose not look like Casey
The zip ball was not there.

But we won't know Cause they are not allowing Casey to talk to any Media ..
They Brush it off with Softball Question on his 900 CHML Show.

What is the Truth here People
as Paying Fans We a have Right to know
Let Him Talk to the Media..

As long as we're all guessing (including "It's over" Kenny).

Casey may be wanting to play despite not being one hundred per cent and Taaffe has told him he has to wait. Casey is miffed. Athletes with his personality are always champing at the bit to play.

Not talking to media? would you want to talk to Kenny?
Milt Stegall is ducking the media over his injury right now and has been doing it for years. It's not new.

I heard he might have broken a finger nail..

Best if they don't release any information. Keep the Bombers guessing in their preparations.

Come everyone in the CFL knew Printers was not going.
Only Fool would think other wise.
Maybe He'll back for Labour day Maybe not

Broken or torn? If it's torn they better put him on the 10 game ir

You have absolutely NO right...paying fan or not.

I think some folks have made light of Printers’ thumb injury unfairly.

I once had a very minor thumb sprain, and it was at least a week before I could even apply pressure with it to turn water faucets with that hand. Gripping a football firmly enough to throw it with authority would be another story entirely.

Regardless of Printers’ injury status, I agree with those who say Williams should continue to start as long as he has the hot hand.

Sprains take a long time to heal, and any attempt to rush the process only aggrevates it further. Casey and Jesse need to take the time neccessary to get healthy again.

For Gawd sakes let the man be. We have a very capable QB starting right now. Let him get better and welcome him back when he is.

Leave him alone "onknight", i know what your getting at by hinting that you think that they are going to get rid of him. Casey is not fine yet...if he was, he would obviously be starting. As "endzone" said "sprains take a long time to heal" no need to rush gatting him back in the game and risk a more severe injury when Richie is capable of starting. HE IS HURT AND GET OFF HIS BACK!!!

By the would be "Printers' thumb"

whoknows is correct, the status of any player is no ones business except the team, paying customer or not. That is why they put out the depth chart so you know who is dressing for a game, no explanation needed as why, end of story.

As far as making light of a thumb injury, try smashing yours and then doing anything at all for a week or so. Isn't it the thumb that separates us from other animals, sure ain't brains. :lol:

A thumb injury is more severe than some people think. ESPECIALLY when you have to throw a football. The last time that we had a QB play through injuries look what happend! The Jason Maas disater.

We have a capable backup. Let him get some playing time. The Bombers never gave their backup any playing time last year and look what happend... Grey Cup.

Play Williams, let Printers heal.

Then the Ticata MIGHT make the playoffs.

Where did I say we are getting Rid of Casey?
Show me This ..
all I want to know is Why he and Team are ducking Kenny Peters.

To me it smells like Break or crack in the Thumb.
Is really just a sprain ??
If it is Why Duck Kenny.
All we want is to be told something from Casey Directly
end of Story

Hell I be glad when Casey Comes back Healthy.
We need two good QB
For Change we have two maybe 3 Good ones

For Casey and Team to be Ducking the Media is Fishy

First of all, anyone would duck an interview with peters because he is a poor writer. second of all, you find the situation fishy. and whats this jr chher team dancing to stripper music?

I would think that a hairline fracture is minor.

Why do people assume that a sprain is minor? They vary quite a bit in degree of severity and it's not uncommon for a soft tissue injury to be worse than a bone fracture or break.

Botton line is, his thumb is injured. Who cares what it is exactly?

I think they're keeping him away from the media to avoid the inevatable, repetetive questions about Richie, a QB controversy, and losing his job. They would hound him, and it would be unfair given the lack of tact that is not uncommon in the media with it's predatory style these days.

It's a wise move, IMO, and no big deal.

I don't see why so many people are so quick to make assumptions and assume all these conspiracy theories.

I won't Comment on Cheer Jr. Team Item here.
as for Peters .

Peters may be Poor Writer but he still the Beat Reporter for local Paper

It is Fishy that they won't let any of our Injured players talk to any Media.
Miles Printers Lumsden all not talking to the Media
so it is Not just Peters there not talking too .
they won't even Talk to Kenny Welch or Bubba from CH

This is Bad Public Relations IMO

Point Taken Nicely done

If I was coaching I would also shut the media out of any injury information. What good would that do the Cats. I think it would only aid the opposition if they knew the status of our hurting players. :cowboy: