Printer's Throwing Motion

If anyone outside the blackout zone taped the game, would you please check on Printer's throwing motion. In out section we were commenting that he frequently seemed to be going 'over the top' rather than bringing the ball straight forward. Almost every time he did this there was a late release and the ball headed to the receiver's feet.

Was he trying to miss the hands of charging defenders? It's possible. In each case, it happened on fast plays when he WAS trying to get the ball away quickly.

Interesting point about his throwing motion. I was just re-reading Bobby Ackles’ book the other week and he mentioned Printers’ throwing:
“In his first year he exhibited a strange throwing motion, but he seemed to correct that as he went along. Now he was back doing it again and showboating every time he threw a bad ball, which was often. He’d look over at the coach and grimace. “I don’t know what’s wrong, coach”.”
I’m going to take a closer look at him on the TSN website video.

Mark, game wasnt blacked out for me and I taped the game. You are right about this, he does look like hes coming over the top.

Problem also is that he was being rushed and hit all night. He was really forced to get rid of it quickly.

The pass blocking needs to be fixed… and we need to do more to get him outside the pocket like they do with Burris in Calgary.

Remember Flutie with the moving pocket? We need that.

Interesting report on Printers, And a good observation Crash, Pocket Passing? Timing Routes, Sounds like the wrong league, Someone Tell Charlie This is 3 Down football,where they don't place the ball in the middle of the field .