Printers t-shirt

I was just looking threw the online store and found this

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Ticats should retire the #1 in honor of Earl the Pearl,

Absolutely !!! Earl was truly " 1 " of a kind...great speed , great hands.Nobody was ever better at going up in a crowd and coming out with the ball, and he was Black&Gold to the core. Why hes not already on the Wall of Fame is a mystery to me.Lets give Earl his due.

I'm sure he'll be there BigK soon enough, hope so.

Add him next season, perhaps?

Take a look at the Wall this Sunday.

Earl was added years ago!



Added, yes. But they've never retired the number. I always wear my Winfield jersey to the games and was appalled when Printers got to wear it.

Only Printers Blows like the Argos :twisted:

I hate when teams retire numbers.
honor the guy but don't remove his number.

What about Armstead? What about Robinson? They also wore #1.

I actually kind of hate when teams retire #s. I think it's kool that a guy like Cobb, who wears DMacs #, gets to understand how near and dear to our hearts #14 means to us. It helps the new guys learn our tradition.

The problem with retiring #s, especially in hockey and baseball is that you have guys wearing weird #s. Tyler Myers for the Sabres wears 57. It just looks weird.

Look at the Yankees, there are only 2 single digit #s not retired. 2 and 6 which will both be retired in due time.

In the end, there can be only 1 (extra credit if you get my reference) :smiley:

1 Highlander.

There can however be 2 or 3 movies....LOL!