Printers starting today?

Is Printers starting? he should. They dressed him last week, so he should be ready.


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too bad


printers will start and play his game,

The team will lose and again everyone would say lets trade printers.

We will win today and Printers and Caulley will have huge games.

I sure hope so, cause the players need a win.

save the attack from the fans on here.

But seeing how the record is, its a lose and the team will once again have to face the fans on here.

re-cmw1612- THE FANS pay the players paycheques and we deserve better!! PS tell your bro to try to change direction(spin move) and cut it outside on his returns, maybe ,just maybe us fans will have something to Applaud about!-- ? how long till Printers throws a hissy fit??? :stuck_out_tongue:

I predict Jojo will have 2-3 clutch catches and maybe even a TD today.

Hay Guys and Gals Lay off cmw1612
He Been a great all year about comming on .
Trust me jojo is due for a Break out game..

Go JJ Go :thup:

Hey guys? You mean guy as only ONE person was saying something even slightly negative.

Ya id say Jojo is due.... what's it been 3 months since hes done anything?

We still need a punt returner!

Caulley is the most pathetic and useless excuse of an RB that I have seen in a long time. They could put in an O-lineman at RB and not do any worse.

Clearly printers leg is not anywhere close to 100%. Either he is a selfish prick who has lied to coaches about how his leg is, or the coaches are complete retarded idiots to have started this wounded lame duck.

In any case, printers is proving that without his running, he is useless.

Do you really have to come here and insult our players? We don't go trolling on the Lions site..

Posts like yours contribute nothing and show disrespect.

you have no idea what you talking about. I post lots here and no trolling. Just cause you do not like my opinion does not make it troll. I am cheering for ticats this game and these two players are pissing me off. Along with a few others.

What game are you watching? Caulley and Printers have been great. Printers has showed that he is getting more and more comfortable with this offense every week. Two deep balls nullified by penalties...two beautiful deep balls, that is. Two very nice balls dropped by Brock Ralph, one for a touchdown. It may not show up in the stats as much but Printers is showing that he has still got it. Give him a full training camp with this team and it's lights out. Caulley is a fantastic back; watch for his 100 yard performance today.

the crow is on the table and knife and fork in hand, and I am waiting to dig in.

However this is what I have seen from the first half of this game and previous games this yr.

Caulley, doesnt adjust. He runs to where the hole is suppose to be there, and if its closed, he is lost and usually just tries to go through anyhow. Has a funny jerky run that doesnt look very quick. Today, he got a couple of bigger runs just because the hole was there and noone to stop him for a while. He doesnt run through people, shake people off, adjust and change direction, etc. He hasnt so much as earned most of his yards but has just been given to him by defense and sometimes o-line.

Printers, less than 50% completions. Ineffective running compared to his usual self. Throwing on the run also very hampered by the hamstring. Dont see much reading the play and throwing to second or third receiver. Doesnt play well if he had to play as a pocket passer, yet most effective from the pocket today. IE: not able to play his game because of the hamstring and should not be in there.

We are waiting for an update coach FYB.