Printers signing in BC as early as tonight?

You post a rumour, then cite a forum as your source????

The fan who posted it said he heard it on Sportsnet West, which I don't get. Why would he lie?

I sure hope we don't sign that egomaniac.

Hey Ti-Cat fans check this out:

So after last years wonderful performances, have any of you booked him to speak yet? :roll: :roll: :roll:

HARDLY a credible source.. it's a FAN FORUM!! He might as well be quoting a water cooler conversation!!

I see nothng about this on [7:37 p.m. ET}

Oski Wee Wee,


If it happens, good for him. I wish him well.

Me too. I still have my Printers Union card printout....

:D :D :D


Do you not see the irony of using a fan forum to criticize the unreliable nature of fan forums?

I'm thinking that anyone who is here is prepared to bear the risk of reading some things that aren't the guaranteed truth.

I personally quite enjoy unsubstantiated rumours.

Printers had one good year. If he comes back to BC gr8. Who knows if he will but the CFL recyles lots of players, some good, some not so good!

Actually EP, I don't but hey, maybe I'm just that slow, I just think that when someone takes the time to post a rumour.. at least take the time to find a credible source, not my uncle heard from a girl at work who is dating the cable guy of a building manager who has a sister in the US Army that heard George Bush tell his sister's best friend's mother in law that her aunt's brother in law, was seen peering through Printers Winnipeg home (last year's rumour Printers was looking for a home in Winnipeg) while he was on the phone with his mom saying he was going to sign in BC "As early as tonight"