Printers Should Be the Starter

How is this guy not sarting in the opener?

He's injured right now isn't he?

think so but from what I've heard he may not start all the games even when he gets back... don't ask where I heard that because I have no idea

At least wait until the Lions play some games.

If they go 8-0 to start the season with Dickenson at QB, neither Printers or anybody else can criticise the coach's decision..

unfortunatly i think the only time Printers will see the field this year is when the Lions are either way out in front or way behind in the 4th quarter. As for his playing in the opener... not gonna happen... he's still hurting a bit... earliest he'd see action is home opener July 6th, but even then i just don't see him getting in there

I predict Dickenson will start the first game.

  • If they win, he will start the next.
  • If they lose, expect Casey to start the next one.

That's what I think, anyways.

The job is Dickenson's to lose

Till then Casey can heal up for when he's needed

The depth chart on their website shows Printers as the no 1.

why would printers start? he's played one good year and he's asking the lions to give him the bank, sure he's good but so is dickenson, and he's hurt.

That's all Ray had.... one good season... not even as good as Printers had last year.... and Ray is now the highest paid in the league and a starter. If he is worth it.... then so is Printers.

as i recall, Ray went to the Grey Cup twice, and actually won one, and i also recall Printers playing the year before, and playing terrible

Well you remember wrong.... in 2003 Printers only got put in in 2 games... and only played for like 2 minutes each... only threw 2 passes, one was for a TD and the other was an incompleted pass. There no way in hell that anyone can be judged "terrible" on just 2 pass attempts.

As for the Grey Cup... you can't hold the fact that Printers doesn't have a ring against him.... he did not get a chance to play in that game...let alone win it.

if he can do it again, then i’ll say okay, but for now i doubt

anyone doubting KC.. SHOULD BE the STARter is not reading what's happening in the Lions den correctly. Printers is the 'ace' on the coast and DD. is definitely the back-up. Let's face it the only reason that he doesn't start is that Wally has not greased his palm with enough bucks.....therefore sending a ripple of doubt as to what he actually would do being the starter...maybe stink out the place in an unproffessional sulk....just my read :!: