Printers Rumour

...SEEMS LIKE Casey Printers is ready to sign a contract with the Lions (Detroit) of the NFL.....according to Mojo radio of Van.....also said Detroit will probably be parting ways with Garcia....goodluck Casey...maybe you won't have to hold a clipboard for too long...if this is all true... :shock:

i just read that Printers is set to re-sign with the BC Lions....i'll see if i can find that article.

....a good source picked this one up off the local Vancouver radio show TODAY...Mojo Radio I believe...

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Casey decision this week …. Detroit and KC apparently offering 2nd string spots with their deals….Indy – ha ha!

Info from Mojo AM730 –

Dungy and Indy owner attended the Casey workout at Indy an were impressed; but no 2nd string offer until 2007

GMs are making the decisions … so Detroit and KC (no coaches) is not considered to be a problem

Rookie pool would be affected by Casey’s signing bonus which is a slight negative for Printers … somehow Ricky Ray’s deal did not affect the NFL teams (NY Jets) rookie salary cap pool. Casey’s bonus is expected to exceed RR’s $167K US … note the Cdn dollar is way higher now than March 2005.

Lions TV ads for season tickets – have exclusively featured Casey!!

Whoops … Dickenson is just being ignored! Wallyspeak will spin like crazy if/when Casey leaves.

Pressure is on Wally … as he luxuriates (with his cell phone) in Hawaii.

Chapdelaine as OC is not a factor … money will supercede Casey’s difficulties with Chappa-diddy

If the current Lion’s offer for Casey was here in Spring 2005 … Casey would be a ‘signed up’ Lion

read into this what u will, but decision time is soon, and i expect him to stay in the CFL

...sound like Printers could be leaning toward the NFL....according to the radio station he could be signing SOMEWHERE as early as Wednesday....hmmmmmmmm...MAYBE SOMEONE is just funnin' with us... :slight_smile:

I heard CKNW interview his agent Jason Medlock on this afternoon sports cats.. This guy flip flopped so much. Casey loves BC, Casey loves NFL, tough decisions, have to weigh all options, check out the best offers, and on and on.....

Sounds like his agent is trying to play both sides to get the best deal for his client. I guess we'l really never know until the ink is dry on a contract in someones town! So much speculation! All the radio "Experts" have an opinion.

.......just about anyone on this forum who has commented on the MOJO says it's record of accuracy is like zero to none........speculators for radio entertainment.....

I guess the forgotten man in this episode is DD. Sounds like Wally has decided it's Casey's job to take with the Lions. But, what if he bolts to the No Fun League? DD will not be a happy camper.

My prediction is that Casey's gonna go to the NFL. Daves gonna get all pissed about Casey's $400,000 offer from the Lions and ask for a trade. we might bring in some one but the Lions shit O-line will get him injured after 4 sacks somewhere in the second quarter of the first game. Buck Pearce will come in the fans will cheer until 4 plays later he's brought out on a streacher after 2 more sacks. and Jerious Jackson will be one scared black guy.

Casey has the talent to be the best qb ever in Detroit's history

Good luck to him in Detroit-Windsor.

Detroit and Kansas City are good places to be 2nd string QB because Detroit is still looking for a #1 QB and Trent Green is on the verge of retirement in KC (perhaps in one year). Being 2nd-string in Indianapolis might be just like being 2nd-string in Montreal: a promise you will never play.

But eh... if your goal is to make money, go. There's nothing like being Peyton Manning's backup to make easy money doing nothing.

......there is nothing 'Detroit-Windsor' about the Lions.......

That's too bad. Sorry Windsor, I want you to get a CFL team, but I can't see it happening. But you got the NFL across the river, I disbite what I say about it, it's not that bad, and it is pro football like the CFL.

usually where there's smoke there is fire.....I've learned over the years not to discount even the 'crazies' IN THE MEDIA.....and apparently there are a lot of others thinking the same way about the Printers story....we'll see... :wink:

if Printers goes:

BC: Has DD, great QB but injury pron, however has piece as back up, and he showed he was a capable BU this season.
Edmonton: Ray, good QB
Calgary: Burris, Great QB
Saskatchewan: Crandell, good QB, Green, good back up
Winnipeg: Glenn, good QB, Wynn, Good QB and maybe the starter, Michna, good back up
Ottawa: Joseph, Great QB
Toronto: Allen, still good but on his last legs, TO looking for a replacement in Marcus something (can't remember last name, talked about in another topic on the forum) who WANTS to play in the CFL
Hamilton: Maas, Great QB, Brady, Good backup
Montreal: AC, a legend, White, needs improvement

so the league seems pretty set in the QB Dept., so if printers decides to jump, who cares? I say so long and get stuffed!

thedan8, that was hilarious!

True about smoke=fire ... I guess we'll see soon. If we haven't already ... now I'm off to read the "Printers to NFL" thread.

....the smoke is now fire.....good luck Casey...if you make it the NFL. GREAT..if not ...we will probably welcome you back to the CFL....when your arm gets tired of holding that clip-board... :!:

shouldn't it be the other way around? NFL the clipboard league and the CFL the action league?

but enough already about CP and Flutie's bloody drop kick!

Frig, you read anything??