Printers released

There is no point in signing Printers with four games left in the season.

That argument with Wilson on the sideline in front of cameras and fans was probably the last straw.

Someone will sign him next year again...

Either way the Argo's will always suck, why, because NOBODY BLOWS LIKE THE ARGO'S

Bring him to Hamilton... wait for it........................................................................BERMUDA!

:D :D :D

As far as I am concerned, whether Wilson did not aggressively go for the ball (which is something I've noted in his incarnation in Hamilton and elsewhere before in similar situations) or not, a quarterback does not throw a receiver under the bus in public at the conclusion of a game like that. You raise these issues in your team meetings, not in public!

I get emotional outbursts on the sideline do happen in the midst of a game. For Printers to go off as he did when he did...inexcusable IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,


What do you mean theres no point...
teams are trying to make a playoff push, if you need a qb you need a qb.

i hear feterik is still available

There is little chance the blue team in Toronto will sign him, remember they have the same owner in BC as TO.
But I bet the other bluew team is panting hoping Printers will sign with them. That would be Winnipeg of course.

Well I'd guess that you'd lose that bet. Lapolice has already said he has no interest in Printers:

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ya... but wally said that too.... then promptly went out and signed him.

Very valid point.

I don't think Braley has anything to do with this.
As for the Bombers they should be happy with Jyles.

Good point. I forgot about that. If I was in Mr. Braley's shoes it would be difficult to pay a guy twice for each game played.

When's the last time Hamilton won a playoff game? Can't remember? Me either.

Man you could see this coming to a head as soon as Printers became second string. This guy is one of the worst team players I have ever seen. Maybe he should take up tennis, singles of course.

When's the last time Argos Sucked?

Answer: Labour Day 2010

All the best to ya Casey. Never want to see anything bad happen to anyone.

I thought the correct answer was "right now". I also would have accepted "all the time". :wink:

There is no way a QB can become proficient running an offense he's never seen in four weeks. At least that's what I think. But his 2004 season was so amazing that there will be someone who thinks they can set him right...

remember last year, he jumped right into bc and beat us in the playoffs.

True but that was with BC's offence, so it wasn't entirely new to him. . .

Some team will take a chance and sign him. He's one injury away from catching on somewhere. Or maybe as insurance down the stretch. He sure won't get the kind of money he's been getting though.

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