Printers released

I just found it on Twitter that the Lions have released Casey Printers!


Guess that interception in OT was the last straw?

The Mighty Casey has struck out. :frowning:

WOW...A BOLD statement by Wally!


And again. :oops:

Probably not the interception as much as Printer's reaction: blaming his receiver.

I think, from Wally's statement, it was more his post-interception tantrum and his publicly, once again, throwing the blame at his teammate(s). A team player -- he never was and never will be.

Blue team will sign him. Remember where ya'll heard it first.

Came here to post this, but you beat me to it. :smiley:

Wouldn't surprise me at all.
He still has the talent, and the argos could use a qb with some experience. This game on Friday will be huge for Lemon.

Wouldn't surprise me Ockham. Hope not though. As much as I have no respect for his attitude and inconsistencies, I wouldn't want to see him up against the Cats in the playoffs, again this year.

first thing i thought 2.

I sure hope they do sign him, he would make a great Boat Man. The Blue team love his type. The Mighty Casey's ego is to big for Wally and BC bit would fit in nicely in TO .:thup:

I really hope we don't. I'd prefer to stay the course with Lemon and let him get a full year under his belt. At least the players seem to support Cleo. I can't say it would be 100% the same way with Printers.

Good point. Kind of the anti-Danny Mac when it comes to placing blame.

If the blue team doesn't sign Printers it will be for that reason. I'll bet right now Barker and the management team is weighing Printer's possible locker room problems against on-field possibilities. However, Printers did play himself out of the starter's job; he gave away a victory against the TiCats. If done right Printers could give evil incarnate the missing ingredient to their Offence. Their record is flattering and comes from their Defence, ST, and luck. Printers to Copeland could be ver effective.


I came on here to say exactly what you said "

ARGOS will sign PRINTERS ....

It will sadly be too little too late though . this is good news for us aas he burned us last year in the playoff game and he could have done it again this year in the last game

I found this on twitter too.

Not to be lost in #BCLions cutting Printers: next 4 game cheques are guaranteed AND a cap hit.Casey also gets playoff share if BC makes it .

They really wanted rid of him to pay him the rest of the season and playoff bonus to go home.

No doubt about it. Like the old nursery rhyme goes:
When he's good, he's very, very good.
But when he's bad, he's horrid.

 Oh, and it's someone else's fault.